#TIMYTheLoveTeamIsBack: Ready for new beginnings and goodbyes?

Tonight should have been a  romantic lead-in to the most awaited IsTi wedding on Monday but for some reason, all this dialogue of death and loving each other beyond death has dampened my excitement somewhat, leaving me with a sense of foreboding for what’s to come. I blame you Basti (and TIMY writers).

iriscutebasticuteThe LOWDOWN:  The Love Team is finally back in business and the team pulls off an excellent event without any hitches. While IsTi plans their own wedding after the event, Basti finds an international contest for wedding videography that he is interested to join, of course with the blessing and support of his wife. Meanwhile, the tension of Nestor and Val’s professional ordeal get the best of them and Nestor asks Val for a break.

I knew it. After an entire week’s worth of kilig, Team TIMY is gearing to shake the viewers out of their sense of complacency by tons of foreshadowing in the script. At first, Basti’s statement to Iris that no matter how long or short his life is, he would be happy because he got to spend it with her, which he made the other night. I let that one slide because of the optimism and positivity that the proposal and the set up delivered.

But in tonight’s episode, there was something different about Basti. He was getting married so it was understandable for him to be senti. But again, he mentioned the thing about loving Iris beyond death, and the story about the slippers and the brokenness that hit so close to his own story that I fear what the implication would be to their love story — the import of which Basti emphasized over and over again in tonight’s episode. Even Lolo Soc’s statement that walang sinuman o ANUMAN ang makakahadlang sa kanilang pagmamahalan seemed loaded with caveats. Please nooooo!!!!

It could be that Team TIMY is simply toying with our feelings or it could be that they’re preparing us for the worst. Seriously, my imagination was already running away from me when I saw that Abangan and the joy in which Iris delivered the news that they were preggers.

I was already thinking that Basti will win the competition but something tragic will happen and that the only memory that will be left of his love for Iris will be their child. I must have seen too much Nicholas Sparks movies but seriously, I feel that my fear is justified because OTWOL and now TIMY writers have this bad habit of feeding viewers with a lot of kilig moments then unceremoniously pulling the rug from under them. Case in point: Most Approved Kiss = Jigs’ arrival; Batangas proposal = Tatang’s heart attack and Cleah’s subsequent breakup; Rooftop Kiss=Rooftop breakup. And these are only the tip of the iceberg. Anyhow, since nothing has happened yet, to talk about it is moot. But this early, let me just say that it will be very difficult for me to accept a death, no matter how artistic the approach is.  Just saying.

Meanwhile, Nestor and Val’s rocky relationship has gotten even worse with Val disagreeing with Nestor’s decision to stay and clean up the mess left behind by his crooked business partners. To a degree, I get why Val is complaining. Nestor has been making decisions to liquidate their assets without informing Val and these were properties that they both worked hard to acquire.

Questioning his decision did not mean that Val was a bad person or that her encouraging him to flee meant that she was evil and heartless. It was a natural reaction for a person who was innocent and afraid to lose everything. I also got why Val was jealous of Cass because while in Greece, Nestor assured her that he loved her, his actions since arriving back in the Philippines have all hinted that he placed more stock in Cass’s good opinion than Val’s. Of course, Val would feel insecure and Nestor should have been sensitive to that instead of yelling at Val for being jealous. On the other hand, I understand the stress that Nestor has been going through but I don’t see him yelling at Cass or anyone else. That’s all I’m saying. Double standards right there and his habit of taking Val for granted has never been more prevalent as now.

I’m still holding out for a positive turnout after the wedding.  But for now, there are tons of possibilities left to be explored.  And because Team TIMY can always be counted on to serve up surprises, viewers too should always be on their toes. Lets see what happens next week.

PS. I loved that Basti was consistently shipping Otap and Kelly.




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