#TIMYManipulation: Seduction via what ifs?

No matter how irked I am about the idea of a third party to get between Iris and Basti, I must admit that it does happen in real life that men fall for women who have the qualities that their partners do not have. In all fairness to Basti, he was more amazed and starstruck with the motorbike than he was with Madison and for now, I think that’s a good thing. But Madison is not going stop at a motorbike to gain Basti’s attention. She has a goal set in mind and she has the means to make things happen. She is now appealing to Basti’s sense of adventure but pretty soon, she will be building up to the idea of herself as an alternative partner for Basti because Iris is “not putting family first.” She is basically seducing Basti with the idea of “what if?”

#TIMYSacrifice: And so it begins

Then came the baby issue again. It seemed like deja vu, but I’m beginning understand how this works. Team TIMY sped through the baby issue the first time around because it wanted to establish how the issue was not fully resolved by Basti or Iris saying sorry.

All in all, I’m beginning to see some future in these storylines. I have a feeling that they’re reserving one major conflict to threaten IsTi and Ali but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that its not gonna be Madison.

#TIMYNewYear: Please save our last three weeks. It isn’t too late.

Please save this show, writers, I implore you in the name of our entire fandom. The naysayers have all packed their bags and left and it is the loyal viewers like us who continue to support the show and what it stands for. Don’t falter on your original ideas and don’t insult our intelligence with this Madison drivel please. We have faith in you. Kapit lang kami kahit beast mode na.

#TIMYTheBigBreak: Umayos ka, Madison; Ali’s homecoming

Ali’s courage and determination in wanting to be beside his father in his hour of need at the risk of his hurtful words and actions was a testament to Ali’s strong personality. Even when he was unsure about the outcome, he stood by the people he loved. And Sir Dad’s softening reaction to Ali’s statement was, for me, a positive indication that he will see the courage it took for Ali to return home and the determination that his son had in showing him his love — all traits of a good soldier, just like him.

I hope that Team TIMY does not pursue the love triangle arc for long. I credit Loren Burgos for her effective portrayal of socialite Madison but I don’t want anyone to come between Basti and Iris, especially after all they’ve been through. I believe in Basti though, in his loyalty and love to Iris and I believe that when push comes to a shove, Iris will fight for her man. On second thought, let’s see how this plays out. I want a spitfire Iris to come out soon. It would be really interesting and I’m pretty sure that Basti will enjoy every minute.

#TIMYStayStrong: Through ups and lows, the Love Team stays together

Ali’s guilt and grief, especially when he was being rejected by his father from the hospital room was heartbreaking. When he began to question whether he did the right thing in coming out to his father to set himself free, it was a valid question. It got viewers to think because the what ifs came pouring in. What if Sir Dad remained ignorant of his son’s sexual preference? What if Ali chose to stay in the closet like Stephen? What if Ali continued with his relationship with Iris and just kept his best friend in the dark about his true feelings? Would it have been worth it?

On the other hand, his guilt at pushing his father to accept dangerous missions to avoid him also weighed heavily on Ali. It was a good thing that he had true friends to rely on in his time of need — Iris, Basti, Kelly and Stephen. It was a very real dilemma for members of the LGBT community, perhaps not on the same scale but Ali’s journey to acceptance has been consistently relatable.

And kudos to the TIMY cast and crew. When I saw the BTS, Direk Andoy and the entire gang were laughing so hard. When the cameras switched on, they delivered on those heavy scenes like the pros they were. Husay!

#TIMYUnstoppable: Welcome back Iris

Iris and Kelly were gold in this episode. Nadine and Kim both have great comedic timing but together, they were unstoppable in delivering the laughs. Their mishaps and subsequent body pains, especially the salonpas and the crutches were over the top and just the right amount of hilarious. Truth be told, if it happened in real life, it would have been creepy to be stalked no matter what the reason but with these two goofballs made it easy for Xia to at least give them a slot.

Don’t think I missed that moment when someone at the bar trying to hit on Iris (whose name was James) and was shot down by her: “I’m married.” LOL

#TIMYTheAnnouncement: Basti for the win

Basti won the competition! Yay! But it really wasn’t that big of a surprise that it would happen since Dreamscape opened their page to vote for his video on Facebook. Kudos to Dreamscape for thinking of this idea to involve the fans even though there wasn’t really a real competition. Team TIMY must’ve thought that viewers could not resist any opportunity to support Basti/James, thus the move. They weren’t wrong.

I loved how natural Basti’s excitement was when he shared the news with his wife. The way he carried her and spun her around was more James than Basti to be honest and the way he mischievously flirted with his love was 100 percent no acting required. Totally fun to watch.

#TIMYBeatTheBlues: Happy Iris Day!

The way the video was laid out, the way the script focused on Iris and only Iris the way Basti saw her, the way he loved her and delivered his promise to love her forever, it was so candid and the words were so beautiful. It was a peek into Basti’s heart and it was overflowing with wonder and gratefulness that a woman like Iris would fall in love with him. When he said “I must’ve done something right to deserve you,” it was like he was raising his hands to heaven and thanking his lucky stars that he landed himself the love of his life. It was also a message of thanks to Iris for showing him how he deserved to be loved.

It was a special moment of television and one of my favorite scenes on TIMY overall. Don’t worry Basti, should you ever need a reason, TIMYllenials will be more than happy to provide you with a list as long as the red carpet on your wedding.