#TIMYSpecialDay: A romantic proposal; bros in love?

So much to appreciate in tonight’s episode. Yup it’s a special day alright and the kilig vibes just keep leveling up.

img_20161208_223316img_20161208_223301The LOWDOWN: Basti’s surprise proposal becomes a success with the help of IsTi’s closest friends and family. Stephen finally comes out to his dad and The Love Team finally have a new client. Oh happy day!

While viewers expected Basti’s sweet proposal from the Abangan, after a few episodes under the radar, the AliPhen storyline is finally moving forward and its such a cute arc.

Stephen finally found the nerve to confess to his father his secret and it got ugly fast. Needing someone to turn to, Stephen’s first instinct was not to go to his other friends and instead went straight to the Love Nest to see Ali. There was a moment we it seemed like romance will finally bloom between the two but when Stephen tried to kiss Ali, he shied away. Still, it’s obvious by the way he worried over his bro that he would have reacted differently had the situation been less complicated.


It was so cute when Ali opened the door to Stephen and the awkwardness that followed. I loved the care Stephen took in choosing Ali’s favorite donut which went to show the level of closeness they share. I loved seeing them flustered because it usually meant that there’s something there so even though they say they want to remain friends for now, I’m okay with being patient.

Theirs might be the opposite of Basti and Iris’ whirlwind courtship. Besides, friendship is a wonderful foundation to a great and lasting relationship. Plus if there’s chemistry, there will always be a spark. Haha wait, am I talking about JaDine or AliPhen? I got confused along the way.

Meanwhile, Basti’s surprise went off without a hitch and it was as cute and romantic as expected. It was beautiful and filled with good vibes. It was goofy and sweet and made all the more memorable by the fact that it was done with the people who mattered the most in their lives. Tita Val was noticeably absent from the set up, but perhaps this was because the team wanted viewers to wonder whether she decided to leave Nestor or not — which was incidentally answered in the next gap. Still, the relationship remained rocky as she and Nestor have different views on how to deal with the problem with Nestor’s company.

There have been some concerns from some fans fearing that this trajectory seems to be hinting at a nearing ending for TIMY but I beg to disagree. I think there are still a lot of stories that need to be told. Like having a baby, which could be a happy occasion for the couple or TIMY could go the challenging route. There’s also Ali making peace with Sir Dad, which may be a long way off still, and Nestor’s problem both personal and professional.

The thing is, because TIMY managed to establish the foundations of their character arcs, there’s always new possibilities for each storyline whether it be for the main or supporting characters. Plus, there are tons of weddings to plan so I’m pretty confident that TIMY could sustain it’s momentum for a couple of months yet.


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