#TIMYTayoHanggangDulo: IsTi delivers on My Favorite Story feels

Frankly, I’m feeling under the weather the whole day but I couldn’t let this episode go by unwatched. The struggle was real because our cable suddenly lost the signal a few advertisements away from the wedding, on top of my stomach-ache. Good thing we had one TV that was on TV Plus so the night was saved somewhat.

The LOWDOWN: With Iris and Basti’s wedding all set, Nestor finally confides to his son his troubles with his company. Along with this is the revelation that he and Val broke it off because Val didn’t like his decision to sell off their assets to pay back the clients whose investments were affected by the scam. He does find some nuggets of wisdom to impart to Basti about marriage and Iris gets some advice from her mom as well. Meanwhile, Ali confesses that he has fallen for Stephen but unfortunately, he believes that Ali just sees him as a friend.

First off, I don’t know how to feel about the Nestor and Val break up because I wasn’t sure exactly why Nestor was breaking up with Val in the first place. At first he was saying he and Val were too different and that she changed whereas in fact, she was the same driven career woman he wanted to marry when they were in Greece. When he said that he was doing it for her sake, I wasn’t entirely convinced that it was the sole reason for wanting to part ways or whether he just needed to get rid of her to unload extra baggage. After all it wasn’t one week ago that he was asking her to stand by him and now that she has expressed willingness to, he’s breaking up with her. I’m glad though that in her trying time, Chuchay was there for her and that he wasn’t scared off by her bluster. Upon first glance, he was built up as a comic relief and a secondary character but he stepped up tonight and became someone important to Val’s arc.

Contrary to his own personal relationship issues and questionable choices, Nestor should be credited for giving Basti some good advice for married life. On this part, he has been consistent because he has always given Basti sensible advice when it came to Iris.

Let me just say that everything about the wedding was on point. From the concept, to the styling, to its simplicity as well as the overall feel of the event. It was very intimate. It was very stylish. It was very touching and Odette Quesada’s My Favorite Story was the perfect song to describe Basti and Iris’ relationship.

alirisaliris2Even before the ceremony, the conversation between Ali and Iris in his car effectively communicated consistency — they had the same closeness they had in the first episode, and their simple nuances displayed how well they knew each other.  It was a special thing that Iris’ something borrowed and something blue would rightfully come from her best friend. The hug that they shared before entering the church spoke volumes about the depth of their friendship and the love that they share and it was touching to see Ali play an important role in his best friend’s wedding.

That second to the last gap was perfectly executed. It highlighted the concept wedding as well as the feel of the entire group. For the record, let me just say that Nadine’s legs are to die for. She certainly rocked that simple vintage gown and definitely set a new trend for upcoming wedding. This girl could wear a sack and still make it look fashionable. Go Naddie. And great job to the production. Way to rock a “simple” wedding.

Don’t get me started on Basti’s reaction when he saw his Iris approach — a man that cries unabashedly at his own wedding is a definite keeper. It was so sweet how he never tried to wipe off the tears flowing steadily from his eyes because all he cared about was getting his wife to walk faster so that she could stand side by side. I loved that after he paid his respects to Lolo Doc and Mama Cass, he couldn’t help but give his wife a tight bear hug.It was relief, it was gratitude, it was the reaction that every bride wanted a groom to have. It moved me to tears.

It’s a given that the IsTi wedding would be compared with the Cleah wedding but aside from James’ crying, there was a different feel to this one. The vibe was lighter mainly because of the concept but at the same time it was heavier. It was simpler but there was still a mystery that lied ahead about what will happen to IsTi after the marriage whereas with Clark and Leah, it seemed as though they have already been through the toughest hurdle of their marriage that it was a given that they would hurdle any other thing that fate would throw at them.

While last Friday’s episode filled me with foreboding, I’m choosing to focus on the positives from here on out, until a major twist threatens my bliss. My only complaint about this episode was that they had to cut the wedding short until tomorrow but I have confidence that the second half will deliver on the feels. After all, their personal vows will be delivered tomorrow.


PS. IT gave me great hope to hear the words putting God in the center of their relationship to get through anything. It was a great message and a positive sign that despite the challenges, IsTi would survive

PPS. Lest we forget. Good job Team TIMY for bringing in indie artists Oh Flamingo (and incidentally James’ favorite band) to primetime. First OTWOL brought spoken word to the mainstream and now this? YASSS!!!



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