#rEVOLutionTheJadineConcert: James and Nadine’s love letter to their fans

jadine mamas
photo credit: Jadine Mamas (Twitter)

I’m baaacccckkkk!!!!

After a rather lengthy hiatus, I’m finally back to bring you the latest updates of James and Nadine. Apologies to my handful of readers both on the blog and on Instagram because I suffered some issues with my phone rendering me unable to post updates in months past.

This is not to say that I have stopped supporting JaDine, but I’ve been quietly keeping watch over them in the previous months and lied low as well as they took a breather from film and television.

Of course, there’s no need to ask whether Team Dalandan was present at rEVOLution: The JaDine Concert at the Smart Araneta. Of course, we were. And we promoted ourselves from our previous seats (Upper Box) to Patron this time as we were lucky to book within the first five minutes of online selling. As a result, we lucked out and had the chance to see JaDine literally up close during the last five minutes of their closing number because of some great ninja moves. (Disclaimer: We never caused a fuss or disturbance as we tried to get closer, plus it was already the final number).

Anyhow, enough of the opening segue. Here is my honest review of JaDine’s second concert at the Araneta and why you should definitely catch their provincial and international legs.

#9 Styling: JaDine is known for their #OOTDs and #OOTN’s but the styling and outfits for this concert were so on point. Credit to the designer.

#8: Amazing Visuals: James and Nadine weren’t kidding when they said they personally got involved in the production of this concert. The AVPs from the opening until the ending was world class. Taking inspiration from the French revolution, to old Hollywood to contemporary hits, the amazing videos were very consistent with the feel of Careless Manila’s music videos so you know that JaDine was very hands on in the production.

#7: The Stage: Direk Paul Basinilio is a wizard when it comes to stage and concert production and his collaboration with JaDine with the lighting and effects all contributed to a much more impactful performance. Every spotlight was on point, every firework in place.

#6: The Choreography: While Nadine has been reported to be suffering from a spinal injury, there was no hint of her illness on stage. Some members of the crew leaked that at some point during her nunber, her legs were hurting so much that she had to have them massaged backstage but when she returned, she was in the zone again and gave her 110 percent. G-Force and JaDine nailed every step and every beat with perfect execution that only dedicated performers can pull off. Plus, the rapport and chemistry between the dancers and JaDine were super fun to watch.

#5: The Message. James and Nadine had a lot of things to say because this was a loveteam unlike any other. Their videos were not only created to provide compelling visuals but it was also an opportunity to share the message of love and not hate — to inspire their followers to break the trend and stand on their own. It was a shame that some parts of the audio was garbled in some parts so the depth of the message got lost in the audience.

#4: Shared Limelight. James and Nadine have always been a team, even before they became officially a couple so it comes as no surprise that they would share the stage as partners. What’s great about JaDine is that they really don’t care who shines more so long as they give the crowd their money’s worth. For example, James’ performance of his song Dangerous — in the middle of the performance, Nadine comes out with two G-force dancers and basically steals the show with her sexy T-shirt love performance and you can see nothing but pride on James’ face. I also got a kick of their rendition of Nadine’s Me and You where for the first time, James sings some verses of his pumpkin’s EDM hit.

#3: Careless Manila. What makes a better part of the concert than sharing the stage with your squad? There was nothing but great fun to be had when James’ Careless Manila squad (Nadine, Bret Jackson, Kiana Valenciano, Sam Concepcion and Poor Taste Paolo Tiongson) took to the stage to celebrate the music that they created for the past year. The joy was infectious. Bashers can say what they will about JaDine’s squad but they are indeed a talented and supportive bunch.

#2: Supportive Squad. Speaking of supportive — Its really cool that most of the squad turned up for the concert and they were just there to support their friends. We sighted Lauren, Alex, Jhelo, Chantal, Mommy Ella, Jude, Nadine’s family among the crowd and they weren’t making a big deal about it. They were just there to support even through they weren’t all in the VIP area.

#1: JaDine’s Evolution. If you’re expecting some teenybopper kilig stuff, then you will be sordidly disappointed because this is not about On the Wings of Love feels. This concert is about James and Nadine’s evolution in their music and performances. Nadine used to be a bit timid on stage but now she owns the stage like a queen. And James’ live redition of his songs seemed like they were straight out of a recording. Bashers will say that JaDine was lazing around for the previous year but rEVOLution was a testament to how far they’ve come. Since the first Araneta concert, they’s successfully staged two rounds of sold out concert tours, James launched his own record label Careless Manila, Nadine directed her first music video, and is on the verge of launching her own beauty and fragrance line — they were achieving their dreams together and if that’s not a positive partnership, I don’t know what is.

All in all,  it was a literal celebration of music. No gimmickry just artistry. It was a revolution indeed. rEVOLution is JaDine’s love letter to their fans. It’s an evolution of their music and their artistry. And it is a message that haters will never understand. And that’s okay.

I won’t flood you with snaps but here’s a clip to show you why you definitely should support their upcoming shows in the provinces and abroad:

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