#TIMYTheFinale: A bittersweet reminder of what could have been

There was plenty to appreciate in the Till I Met You Finale. First and foremost, the scenes that really struck a cord with me were moments with Sir Dad and Ali when Sir Dad fully embraced his son for who he truly was. Accepting Stephen as Ali’s partner was a bonus. That poignant moment when Sir Dad accepted Ali was well worth the long wait. Ali had his moment with his mom early in the show but now this resolution with his dad and even their subsequent encounter at the airport as his dad acknowledged him as his greatest achievement was truly remarkable.

TIMY ‘s final episode was a fitting farewell to its viewers and brought all of the elements that made the show so wonderful (barring the last three weeks). It was classic Iris and Basti with Iris’ kikay side in full display and Basti true to form. It was a bittersweet reminder of what could have been if the show did not change its course so drastically with its attempt to shine the spotlight on she who must not be named. It was like a reunion of sorts with the characters that we knew and loved for the past few months. All of a sudden, they were back and it was bliss. And sending them off to their happy endings was like a gift that the show have to us as its last hurrah.

One of my favorite scenes was Basti holding his chest and holding back tears after he listened to Iris proclaim to the world his much she loved him. The pain and vulnerability in his heart was so effectively communicated with that one gesture and the amount of feelings clearly displayed through his eyes. Kudos James. You are certainly proving yourself to be a great actor and improving by the day. Husay!

The airport scene on the other hand, was reminiscent of OTWOL and while Nadine pulled it off quite effectively as only she can, I felt that the team could have opted for a different habulan scene because airports are so clearly identified with the previous soap that there’s bound to be a comparison.

I also loved Kelly and OTAP and felt bad that the potential in their quirky team up was wasted because they were only given like, one minute to close their start and end their love story. I’m not gonna go on about how that happened. 

And what of Tita Val and Nestor? Seriously, a wedding fixed everything? I find that there is no justice in this storyline at all because first, Nestor does not deserve Val’s devotion because he never once proved his love for her and took her for granted throughout their entire relationship (leading to her growing berserk) and Val does not deserve to get a pass for everything she has done and still be part of the family. It’s just too much of a forced happy ending to work for me. She should have found forgiveness but found happiness elsewhere with a guy who will love her wholeheartedly.

All in all, I loved the finale but felt really sad because it was the proof that the show did not forget its roots. I felt bad for the wasted moments that we were put through the wringer for nothing. If they had just sped through this particular episode after the Xia Magallanes wedding, it would have been just as well because those last three weeks were completely unnecessary. Sorry for the last rant. 

Farewell TIMY, you brave beautiful show you. Thank you for your message and your courage. In the end, love still won. Tayo pa rin hanggang dulo. You will be missed.

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