Ulan (Nadine Lustre): Trailer Review

Quiet, mystical, with a hint of traditional folklore brought by the appearance of creatures tikbalangs and enkantadas, the trailer teases time jumps from the past and the present as well as ventures into the world of the unknown. At the film’s center is Maya, the character played by Nadine who seems to have the ability to communicate with mystical beings and at the same time connects her life events with the rain.

Never Not Love You: Movie Review

Never Not Love You is not your typical love story.  It had imperfect characters who loved deeply and fully and who may not have made choices that made a lot of sense. But it was a movie that made audiences evaluate their own relationships. It was a movie that showed a lot of heart. A lot can be learned from Gio and Joanne and in creating characters that build a strong connection with the audience, the filmmakers were able to develop a strong core for the movie that it managed to build on with all the other elements of the film.

#TIMYPressured: Kapit Hanggang Dulo

I get the point of this arc. That Basti is not a saint and Iris is not perfect. No matter how much Basti loves Iris, he will be prone to temptation especially if he is baited with the things he longs for. Meanwhile, as the pressure drives a bigger divide between the two, exhaustion and stress could compel Iris to do or say things that she normally wouldn’t. Its realistic, true. Annoying, for sure, because this is a side of the couple that has not yet been explored. And I totally get that the characters need to be challenged this way.

I have faith that the writers are planning something big for the last two weeks but I’ll be honest. It will indeed be a struggle to watch more of this painful bad acting from Madison. I’m doing my best to give Team TIMY the space they need to do their job. Its a sacrifice I will willingly make for the show I love. Kapit hanggang dulo, mga bes.

#TIMYManipulation: Seduction via what ifs?

No matter how irked I am about the idea of a third party to get between Iris and Basti, I must admit that it does happen in real life that men fall for women who have the qualities that their partners do not have. In all fairness to Basti, he was more amazed and starstruck with the motorbike than he was with Madison and for now, I think that’s a good thing. But Madison is not going stop at a motorbike to gain Basti’s attention. She has a goal set in mind and she has the means to make things happen. She is now appealing to Basti’s sense of adventure but pretty soon, she will be building up to the idea of herself as an alternative partner for Basti because Iris is “not putting family first.” She is basically seducing Basti with the idea of “what if?”

#TIMYWrongMove: B is for BAD Trip. Hello Mama Lulu!

One bright spot in the episode however, is the cameo of Mama Lulu, who was one of the first shippers of Cleah. I hope she pops in again just to remind Basti not to fall into the trap set out by Madison, no matter how tempting or how obvious it may be. My heart is already breaking for Iris for all the pain that the malicious mistress wannabe will definitely throw her way. I hope after an initial bawl-a-thon, Iris ends her with an “Akin Lang Ang Asawa Ko” level line. I hope.

IsTi hanggang dulo. Kapit lang mga bes.

#TIMYSacrifice: And so it begins

Then came the baby issue again. It seemed like deja vu, but I’m beginning understand how this works. Team TIMY sped through the baby issue the first time around because it wanted to establish how the issue was not fully resolved by Basti or Iris saying sorry.

All in all, I’m beginning to see some future in these storylines. I have a feeling that they’re reserving one major conflict to threaten IsTi and Ali but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that its not gonna be Madison.

#TIMYNewYear: Please save our last three weeks. It isn’t too late.

Please save this show, writers, I implore you in the name of our entire fandom. The naysayers have all packed their bags and left and it is the loyal viewers like us who continue to support the show and what it stands for. Don’t falter on your original ideas and don’t insult our intelligence with this Madison drivel please. We have faith in you. Kapit lang kami kahit beast mode na.