#TIMYLoveStruck: IsTi x NicoLi – Of first dates and cute, well meaning stalkers

I knew it. Basti’s stalking is contagious and now Iris has gotten in on the action too as the Master Hokage teaches her his ways.

BUSTED. Apparently, Basti’s stalking skills still need some work. But Iris is softening. Don’t lose hope, love 😀 

As Basti and Iris’ friendship continues to develop, Ali finds himself exploring the dating scene when his cupcake supplier Nico asks him out for coffee and subsequently, dinner. When Iris and Basti find out, they join forces to spy on Ali and his date to see whether Nico is not just taking advantage of their friend.


This episode is what every Monday should be made of. There was so much cuteness I don’t know where to begin.

Let’s start off  with IsTi. Basti continues to stalk Iris, silently protecting her and taking care of her but Iris is on to him and threatens to call immigration on him if he doesn’t stop (all these threats are issued with matching kilig grin so it should be taken with a grain of salt). Honestly, Basti’s stalking is kind of creepy if he weren’t Basti but since he is portrayed by James Reid, this makes him an exception. But guys, if you aren’t James Reid, this this not something you should do. You may find yourself in jail sooner than you think.

Does this guy remind you of someone? How about Top of TBYD? 

I love this pa-cute/pasimpleng ligawan stage of Iris and Basti. As their friendship deepens, they begin to know more and understand each other which adds a whole new layer of kilig to their relationship.


This time, even though they haven’t expressed any intention to get back together, their relationship is progressing at a much more natural phase and this is a good thing for IsTi because in their hearts, they already love each other. Its also good that they acknowledge that they weren’t ready for a relationship when they entered into it the first time around so there is a certain level of maturity in that that gives me hope that this will all factor into the “Love is sweeter the second time around stage. ” I’m claiming it.

I loved how easily they talked to each other about Ali, who has always been the glue that stuck them together. Ali was instrumental in their love story and now, both of them are concerned that he would get hurt. So without much question, they join forces to warn Ali about being careful, which is a natural reaction from good friends. When that didn’t work, they put their heard together to develop a scheme worthy of any Dick Tracy movie. Except, their cover story sucks.

How could you not love them? Even if Ali gets mad at them, how can he do it for long seeing as they’re so adorable? 

Their obvious stalking methods needed a lot of work, true, and Ali may end up mad at them for embarrassing him on his first date, but at the end of the day, IsTi’s reaction mirrors the feelings of the fans who have become quite protective of Ali. Just check twitter to see how many threats are directed towards Nico in case he hurts Ali.


Its funny and frustrating that when Agnes expressed a similar concern, I could feel her worry and love for her son but it was so different from the way Cass tried to “protect” her daughter.

While Ali still had remnants of his feelings for Basti, I’m glad that he’s hitting it off with Nico because of their common interests. And the fact that Ali, despite being out for only a short while was brave enough to try to get to know someone romantically, was very laudable and mature.

The way he and Nico talked about food was full of double innuendos but for the most part was cute and wholesome enough not to be an issue with the MTRCB. I’m glad that the LGBT is well represented in this show . After all, everyone deserves to be happy, no matter what the gender. Love should always win. Besides, this angle adds yet another ship to root for and I’m down with that.

Tonight’s episode was so much fun and lightness and despite the fact that Ali’s confession to his dad is looming, having a solid support group in the form of Agnes, Iris, Basti and now maybe even Nico is a good thing for the character. For now, let me just relish these good vibes. Yassss!!!


PS Photos courtesy of Official Jadine twitter


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