#TasteRealLove: Let’s talk about that latest Jadine ad

There should always be truth to advertising.

And it seems that ever since James and Nadine’s relationship status changed early this year, their campaigns have tapped into the new magic that their relationship has brought into their already insane chemistry.

Magazine features have had to level up their game by having to find creative means to tell their story. Mega brought them to Greece to feature them in an epic cover shoot in Athens and Santorini shot by no less than Mark Nicdao.

Metro recently did an awesome job of tapping into their creativity and honesty by featuring them as guest editors, making them take command of their photo shoot from styling to even doing their cover interviews. 711 renewed their contract and pegged their realness as a couple but Jollibee set a new bar when it released its latest campaign #TasteRealLove.

Featuring sequences that served like a playback of BTS scenes of the couple doing what they normally would off cam, this was a touching chronicle to their journey as partners in crime and their transition to partners in love.

tastereallovetastereallove2It was like taking a private peek into James and Nadine’s day to day life and it played so naturally for the cameras because that is what they are. That is what they do. Their games, their travelling, their pranks and even the eating. It all seemed like an re-enactment of their love story. (Any hard core Jadine fan could attest that almost everything on this ad happened in real life, and this, I guess is what makes it effective.)

It was beautiful and it was touching and it brought plenty of tears to many fans eyes that their journey was so clearly and honestly encapsulated in an ad that played more like a short film that you would show to your guests at a wedding reception. It captured the essence of Jadine as a couple without much fanfare. It didn’t appear gimmicky but rather banked on the couple’s strengths and what makes people love them even more. The dialogue was delivered so candidly, as if the script was funneled from James and Nadine’s thoughts.

It was genuine and effortless and deserves a great amount of credit for. Absolutely brilliant concept.

Now I get that there would be haters reviving all of their criticisms that everything is a publicity stunt  but they can believe what they want and JaDines won’t care. Because when its real, its effortless. When its real, you feel it. And this has always been the strong point of Jollibee ads featuring Jollibee, they always go on a journey with James and Nadine  — from the time they were friends, James’ ‘bakod’ days and now this. Goosebumps.

Barring Jollibee’s official upload on youtube, I’m sharing the link to their Facebook page where you can take a gander at this absolute piece of genius advertising and revel over the feels over and over again. Sana Jollibee next time, sa wedding na kayo mag serve ng Jollibee Burger Steak. Yihiii *fingers crossed*

PS. I had a really difficult figuring out which images to use because every frame brings the feels. Oh my Jadine heart! #TheStruggleIsReal

PPS Also had to learn how to embed a Facebook code via tutorial to make this work. Man! I am learning a lot from this fangirling.


2 thoughts on “#TasteRealLove: Let’s talk about that latest Jadine ad

  1. I dont usually leave comments in blogs like this. But after reading this beautiful piece, cant help myself but to comment in here and say that I COULDNT AGREE MORE. It is what it is. REAL NA REAL! this is by far, the best tvc ad that they have done! 💜


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