Loving and hating: Its all a matter of perspective

IMG_20160815_131019Amid this maelstorm of hate for Nadine for a 7 second video wherein she fails to accommodate a fan request for a pic during the shoot for This Time, I realize one thing.

People will believe what they choose to believe and no amount of defending will change their minds once it is set. So really, its a pretty useless exercise to debate with people who already have biases on the matter.

What I really don’t get is why this issue is coming out now months after the alleged incident and way after the movie was shown. And why is it an issue for a fan to be declined a photo op in the middle of a taping schedule, where as stated, production time takes money  and there is a schedule to follow. If it were a random occasion that Nadine snubbed the said fan, it would have been a different story, but in set visits, not all fans can be accommodated because its in the middle of the workday. Its a given. You say  that it would not have taken a few seconds for the picture — but what about the other 20 people who are also waiting for a chance for a photo op?  If one person was allowed, would it not be unfair for the others to expect to be allowed as well, and if this happens what will happen to the set?

For the bashers, no one is asking you to love Nadine the way we do and how you read the situation may be different from how we view it.

We are not forcing you to understand or agree but please be mindful of the words you use against this person who is working day and night to provide for her family — an artist who is sacrificing her privacy to make people happy. You say that she is ungrateful? How can that be possible when she toils day and night to rehearse and make sure that her performance will be well worth our hard earned money?

You say that she has no talent? How can that be when she is praised for her professionalism and work ethic by people who have worked with her? She tries to do better with every attempt for the things she still has not perfected and she is steadily improving by the day.

While she enjoys success, this comes at a price and she pays for it dearly. She (and James) get bashed for everything. Its like they’re living under a microscope. She posts an Instagram pic and bashers have a bone to pick. She answers a question and criticism follows. She chooses to be quiet but people still find something wrong with her.

Bashers attack her for her looks. They fault her for being morena to her mestizo bf when 97 percent of the Philippine population is brown skinned. Go figure. Haters don’t appreciate her simple charms and what she has to offer and could not accept that she was pursued by this Fil-Aussie hottie because he realized what a gem he had in his hands. More than looks, this girl has character, this girl has brains, this girl has grit. She’s one of a kind and there’s no one like her. This despite claims that she looks like a ton of other girls.

I’m not going to claim to know Nadine personally because I don’t. I’m not going to claim to know what happened on that video because I wasn’t there. But this is all I know and this is what I choose to believe. There are people who know her and can attest to what type of person she is. I actually made this compilation post when she was maligned by that Preen article months ago but this article still applies to the current situation. This is what I choose to believe. This is Nadine in the eyes of the people who do know her, and I think this is a better gauge of her character than a seven second video with no context.

Why People Love Nadine Lustre 

So choose to believe what you want. We’ll stick by our baby girl, thank you very much.

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