Ulan (Nadine Lustre): Trailer Review

Quiet, mystical, with a hint of traditional folklore brought by the appearance of creatures tikbalangs and enkantadas, the trailer teases time jumps from the past and the present as well as ventures into the world of the unknown. At the film’s center is Maya, the character played by Nadine who seems to have the ability to communicate with mystical beings and at the same time connects her life events with the rain.

This @TeamPagIbig video sums up all our feels for Naddie

As more people grow to love her, those who hate grow more aggressive, blinded by jealousy for this girl who seems to have it all — a successful career after her many failures, the devotion of her family and friends, the heart of James Reid (whom no one figured for a romantic sap til now), and the love of millions of people all over the world (yes, Jadines are everywhere. EVERYWHERE).

#TIMYGetBetter: What is move on?Mikmiks save the day

This episode was truly a testament to what kind of friendship Ali, Basti and Iris have. Both Iris and Basti are the type of friends who would rush to their friend’s aid whenever he’s in need. Iris is the one to lead the charge against anyone who slights Ali, impatient to make everything better, while Basti is cool and calm but at the end of the day, his relaxed attitude and gentle advice packs a whole lot of punch.

#TIMYAwkward: Opening doors to new beginnings; Welcome IsTi 2.0

Tonight was all about friendship, family and the return of Team Tripod. It was also a great way to restart IsTi’s love story, which I expect will have all the things that were skipped over in their whirlwind romance in Greece. I have a feeling that this was what the team had planned all along and now, I’m ready for the next roller coaster ride this series has to offer. I’m excited, and afraid, yet hopeful for what lies ahead.