#TIMYThePayback: Bitin sa bugbugan. More blood please.

TIMY The Payback was indeed Iris’ episode. No doubt about it. James called it when he said it on Showtime and the queen brung it and brung it good.


The LOWDOWN: Iris packs her bags and leaves and Basti, after speaking with Tita Val mills leaving the country to take up the apprenticeship. Madison pops out of the blue believing that she can take up with Basti after Iris and out of the picture but she is rejected anew. The legal wife and the aspiring sidechick face off in a bridal event.


I must say that Nestor really gives good advice consistently when it comes to Basti and his marriage woes. Too bad he doesn’t adopt any of this wisdom to apply it to his own personal life because if he did, Val wouldn’t be acting up like she is now. I liked the fact that he confronted Val about giving the wrong advice to Basti just as he should bring his father.


Val for her part is beginning to sound like an old record. I mean come on. I understand single mindedness and focus but can’t the writers come up with anything other than “let’s leave” or “you should leave” when she is speaking to Basti or Nestor? They are wasting Val’s character and Angel’s excellent acting chops. She should have been the main villain in the last three weeks. It would have been more acceptable since her wrath has been brewing for the past four months instead of focusing on a newbie who only earns ire not because of her effectiveness as a villain but because she can’t do justice to the part. Sorry, I try not to rant about she who must not be named but I simply can’t forgive that she ruined — RUINED — the last three weeks of my favorite show. Unforgiveable.


Which brings me to the next item on the list. The showdown. I loved the bathroom scene and the tokhang reference but seriously, I would have wanted Iris to dunk her head in the toilet. I didn’t like that Madison was able to slam Iris and belittle her in front of the crowd and take credit for her success when in fact, The Love Team beat BBD for the Xia Magallanes wedding fair and square without her help. Meaning they would’ve made a comeback regardless of whether Madison helped them or not. Iris should have driven the point home. Still, I liked how Kelly had Iris’ back the entire time. What I really want, really is for someone to leak a CCTV video of the incident and humiliate Madison for being the homewrecker that she is.


Speaking of homewrecking, I am try weirded out by how Madison has transformed into a scheming bitch to a crazed obsessed groupie overnight. I was rooting for Bubbles to slash Madison’s tires or scratch her sports car, or trip her or do anything to wipe that confident smirk off her face. But still, it’s just weird how Madison reached this level all of a sudden when her intent was to get Basti from Iris because she wanted a stand-in for Caleb.
Two days to go and the possibility of an actual break up looms on the horizon. I’m hoping that they come up with an actual legitimate realistic ending for the finale. All this time squandered on Madison and now they’re rushing the closure. I really hate the fact that even Ali has been relegated to the background because they want to shine the spotlight on this girl. It was laughable how DS tweeted that Loren nailed her scene. Haha! Kailan? Were we tuned in to the same show?

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