#TIMYTheFaceOff: My heart is breaking but for the wrong reasons

First of all, apologies for the brief hiatus I took in writing my episode recaps. Rest assured that I’ve been watching and catching up on TIMY but I just couldn’t muster up the energy nor the enthusiasm to go on and on about the Madison arc when she basically took over the show from the lead characters.

timyThe LOWDOWN: As Iris receives the edited video of Basti and Madison “kissing,” Iris confronts Basti about it and he asks Iris to see Madison together to clear things up. But Val was way ahead of them, and gives Madison a heads up so Madison lies to Iris’ face and causes more problems for the couple, who has out all of their issues in a big fight.

I don’t know how to feel about this episode, really. I am thrilled at Nadine’s effective portrayal of a woman whose heart was breaking because of a betrayal, and impressed with James’ subtle but effective delivery of his frustrations and repressed anger when he confronted Iris about his issues with her. Kudos to these two for always bringing their A-game to these dramatic scenes. They never rest on their laurels and always push to become better and it shows with these performances.

I loved that the messaging tackled all the things that were wrong about the relationship in one conversation between Iris and Basti but felt at times that it was too preachy. It felt at times that the writers were trying to summarize what they were trying to achieve in the past three weeks with the Madison arc with Ali’s speech. What should have been a poignant moment seemed contrived and I may be the only one to feel this but it felt really off.

While I was completely rooting for Basti with that confrontation scene with Madison (I actually wanted him to push Madison on the street so that she may get hit by a passing bus but that was just wishful thinking on my part) but for Madison, all her words seemed flat. In her three weeks on the show, I never once felt that her character fell in love with Basti because it all felt like a grand part of a scheme to steal him away from Iris. I never once felt her pain or any other emotion. I’m really sorry but bad acting can do that to a role. I’m not saying Loren will remain a bad actress for her entire life but she is a bad actress now and as part of TIMY, she was the worst choice to go for at a crucial time like the last three weeks.

Most people would be content with a showdown between the legal wife and the “sidechick” but for me,  all of this is futile if the show doesn’t go back to basics and revive its core message at the beginning of the show. For the last three days, I would just like them to bring it. And bring it hard. My heart is breaking and its all for the wrong reasons.


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