#TIMYManipulation: Seduction via what ifs?

Nadine warned us that it was a stressful week, and true to her word, there has been no relief for us viewers from start to finish as this Madison arc continues to drag on and eats up the show’s last three weeks. But I am not going to dwell on that and do this recap based on the episode. I refuse to be stressed anymore than necessary.

motorbikeThe LOWDOWN: With her goal set to take down The Love Team and steal Basti for herself, Madison intensifies efforts to seduce Basti with the idea of herself as an adventurous woman similar to who Basti was when he was still in Greece. Iris shares her success with her family while Sir Dad takes baby steps towards appreciating Ali and his efforts to care for him.

I’ve aired out my sentiments regarding this Madison arc in my open letter so I’m leaving it to the capable hands of Team TIMY to discern what the trajectory for the final two weeks will be. After all, its crunchtime.

No matter how irked I am about the idea of a third party to get between Iris and Basti, I must admit that it does happen in real life that men fall for women who have the qualities that their partners do not have. In all fairness to Basti, he was more amazed and starstruck with the motorbike than he was with Madison and for now, I think that’s a good thing. But Madison is not going stop at a motorbike to gain Basti’s attention. She has a goal set in mind and she has the means to make things happen. She is now appealing to Basti’s sense of adventure but pretty soon, she will be building up to the idea of herself as an alternative partner for Basti because Iris is “not putting family first.” She is basically seducing Basti with the idea of “what if?”

I must admit that way back in the scene where Basti signed off for his adventure blog, I had a feeling that there will be a time where he will feel deprived of it once he is married to Iris. Let us remember that these are two polar opposite personalities that are bonded together by love, but at the core, they are very different. So it is natural for Basti to harbor a sense of resentment if he doesn’t get his way. After all, he has been more than understanding when it comes to Iris’ issues. It comes at an inopportune time, this issue, but it is all coming to the fore because of Madison’s obvious manipulation. And unless Iris or Basti wisens up, Madison will continue to demolish their relationship like a termite that has entered the home they have so carefully built together.

I was touched by the simple scene that showed Sir Dad finally acknowledging his son’s success, and Ali’s very subtle reaction to it. These are two fine actors, Mrs. Robert Cena and JC Santos and they don’t really need to have a shouting match to have a memorable sequence. I hope that the LGBT arc gets the exposure it deserves in the show’s final 10 days because the show started with guns blazing to emphasize its essence.

Speaking of family, it was again Lolo Soc’s soft words to Iris that got me teary eyed once and reminded viewers what type of person Iris was and what type of pain lies in store for her when Madison executes her evil plan. I still have faith in Basti but then again, no matter how solidly the show built up his character, Basti is still at the end of the day human, and prone to making mistakes. I just hope (fingers crossed) that everyone will get the karma they deserve at the end of this show.

Again, a gentle reminder dear readers, to not get too carried away as to attribute what is happening to Basti and Madison on screen to James and Loren in real life. They are actors playing their parts and they should not be bashed for doing their part, especially James. Guys, Basti is not James and he is not cheating on Nadine in real life. Ano ba? 

On the flipside, its funny because some of these bashers were actually the ones who were just about ready to canonize James/Basti for sainthood when he made that wedding video. Again guys, its alright to be invested in the show but let us separate fiction from reality.

O sya, tayo hanggang dulo. Iinom na lang ako ng pampakalma para hindi ma beast mode sa last two weeks and for Team TIMY, I hope that you don’t take our views the wrong way. We are not trying to hinder the creative flow. We are just airing our sentiments about the show but we still respect that the final call will be up to you.

4 thoughts on “#TIMYManipulation: Seduction via what ifs?

  1. Hi Angie,

    Thank you for patiently recapping and reviewing every episode of TIMY, not to mention immediately after each episode. You have really ‘invested’ a lot in the drama and in Jadine. I follow and read your recaps / reviews although I ‘discovered’ it long after the drama has started airing. You write very well and your reviews are an opener into what the drama really wants to convey to the viewers, just in case the messages have gone unnoticed since the viewers are mesmerized with Jadine and the worthy cast:). You remind us that although the drama has two beautiful lead stars, it is also bringing to fore relevant practical issues that hold true these days (and some even way before) in the Filipino context.

    I have never really watched Filipino dramas but have become drawn to OTWOL after I spent few days in my mother’s house where she watches every single drama (well, almost). I have been more a follower of some Koreanovelas. However, the treatment of OTWOL was different from the usual ‘formula’ drama and at the same time, it was presenting Filipino culture and society at times with humor. Aside from Jadine, who were really lovable in OTWOL, credit should go to the creative team as well. I think that drama was able to capture all types of audiences, especially Filipinos ,crossing over generations with its wit, humor, wisdom, humanness, and very ‘Pinoy’ approach. I’m not a millennial but I have become a Jadine fan because of OTWOL. I sincerely wish them both more successes in their respective careers while staying true to themselves, their values, and especially to each other. I’m one with you in wishing that, “sana sila na hanggang dulo.”

    Back to TIMY, it is indeed frustrating to watch this week’s episodes. It’s not only testing the characters of Basti and Iris but of the viewers as well. Since it started, I look forward to watching TIMY every day because of its fast pace, great cast, creative team, and again, the tackling of very practical and relevant issues. I think the drama is a test of how far the Jadine can push their ‘versatility’ as an actor/actress given their popularity and fan base. While not totally staying away from the ‘formula,’ TIMY is going into a new direction of storytelling with its fast-pace, plot development, and mixture of characters. Along the way, it works into the many emotions of the viewers especially with the credible performance of the cast. I am one of those who will be really sad when it ends later this month. Also, because I know it will be quite a while before I see Jadine again every night. I have stopped watching Koreanovela because of this two:) Yet, as the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.”

    Even as the TIMY ending makes our hearts heavy, THANK YOU for channeling part of your daily energy and talent into the drama and to Jadine. With your words, you have also endeared TIMY to us and we shall miss our nightly recaps / reviews courtesy of your ‘passionate’ writings.

    All the best,


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  2. Thank you for writing your recaps and reviews. I look forward to reading them for every episode. I often read what you write before watching the episode, so I can watch with a better POV. Thank you again!

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