#TIMYWrongMove: B is for BAD Trip. Hello Mama Lulu!

They say misery loves company and this witch is not one to consider who she hurts along the way.

The LOWDOWN: After their misunderstanding over the baby, Basti leaves for his biggest photoshoot still upset. Realizing her husband’s disappointment, Iris seeks the advice of Ali and her mom to get their opinion and tries to patch things up with her husband. But while she makes a realization over priorities, Basti unwittingly triggers Madison, who has recently dealt with the first blow of rejection from Caleb and she begins to make her move.

madison1I have complete faith in Basti. Yes, even in the face of temptation and Madison’s scantily clad body lounging in the pool. I’m not so sure though that the manipulative Madison, a strategist by profession would use only her physical assets to land Basti. Being a cunning, spoiled rich brat, I’m sure she will use the family card on Basti, seeing that its a sensitive issue for him and Iris. And Madison, being Madison will definitely use this to her advantage. After all, all she needs to to is plant seeds of doubt to cause even more friction between Iris and Basti and wait until Basti needs her to be a shoulder to cry on.

Its pretty typical, and even though the writers have taken care to incorporate into the script the justification as to why Madison is the way she is, the character still reeks of cliche instead of a realistic depiction of someone who can truly challenge Basti and Iris’ relationship. After all, aside from money and sophistication, Iris can match Madison in every aspect. But Iris doesn’t realize this as she constantly references herself as second fiddle to Madison in each of their outings.

However, the main challenge for Iris and Basti is their naivete and their overall belief in the good of people. They’re not equipped to deal with the likes of Madison, who will stop at nothing to get her way. If they’re not careful, Madison could cause a wedge between their relationship, and Nadine did promise on twitter that it will be a stressful week. Madison will definitely level up her moves on Basti tonight and start baiting Iris. I’m just hanging on to hope that it will be worth it, just like Nadine said.

And Madison, its not cute to give a nickname to a married man. B your face. B is for bad trip and that’s the way we feel about you.

Ali, on the other hand, is struggling through his own issues with Sir Dad, who stubbornly refuses his help at every opportunity. While there has been signs of softening, there’s been constant backpedalling from time to time so there’s no real progress. Hopefully, in the next few weeks. If anything though, Robert Cena has been providing consistent characterization, much like our JC Santos.

One bright spot in the episode however, is the cameo of Mama Lulu, who was one of the first shippers of Cleah. I hope she pops in again just to remind Basti not to fall into the trap set out by Madison, no matter how tempting or how obvious it may be. My heart is already breaking for Iris for all the pain that the malicious mistress wannabe will definitely throw her way. I hope after an initial bawl-a-thon, Iris ends her with an “Akin Lang Ang Asawa Ko” level line. I hope.

IsTi hanggang dulo. Kapit lang mga bes.

If you need reference, here’s a great suggestion.


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