#TIMYSacrifice: And so it begins

After my last post relieved my aching heart of all my Madison outrage, I still find myself sitting in front of the television at 9:30 pm, loyally supporting TIMY in its final three weeks. I realized that I felt strongly about the trajectory of the show because I was so invested in it emotionally. I’ve fought for Basti, Iris and Ali for too long to abandon them as they close out their stories.

banterThe LOWDOWN: Madison invites Basti and Iris to attend an event and introduces them to the former president’s daughter, literally handing them the account in a silver platter. While Madison’s motives are yet to be discovered by the couple, Caleb breaks up with her, leading her to look elsewhere for the love and stability she wants in her life. Meanwhile, Iris once again asks Basti to postpone plans of having a baby and Stephen begins to show signs of worrying about Ali’s health and well being.

And so it begins, the countdown to the finale. And Madison’s evil designs on taking Basti for herself also begins to take root. While I have been pretty vocal about how much I abhor this storyline, I’m waiting to see how this plays out because, seriously, I don’t think that Basti will fall for it. I trust Basti but it doesn’t necessarily mean that these efforts by Madison will not have any impact on the relationship of IsTi. Also, I don’t think that Madison is in love with Basti. Instead, she’s in love of the idea of having someone who loves unconditionally like Basti does for Iris. But given her personality, she will no doubt use everything in he arsenal to win.

I loved the easy banter between Basti and Iris as they talked about Madison and her problems. You could really see how natural it was to discuss issues about their daily lives like a normal married couple. That short sequence had me grinning from ear to ear for its duration.

But then came the baby issue again. It seemed like deja vu, but I’m beginning understand how this works. Team TIMY sped through the baby issue the first time around because it wanted to establish how the issue was not fully resolved by Basti or Iris saying sorry. The issue before was timing, much like it is now. Basti is ready while Iris is still not, despite the fact that she promised her husband that they would try for a baby. And because its a sore point between the two of them, this will expectedly add to the conflict that Madison presented. It was pretty much like the whirlwind courtship in Greece where everybody was asking why they had to break up so abruptly and saying how their love story lacked establishment. When they resumed their relationship the second time around, they were more ready and more solid to enter into a romantic relationship. So, I’m holding my breath about how this baby issue will resolve itself the second time around. I have a feeling that everything that they went through will accumulate into a big blowup.

As for Stephen and Ali, I’m getting more excited about the subtle shifts in their relationship. I have no doubt that they are end game but I hope these months of build up will lead to a great ending for them. Same with the Sir Dad arc because Ali, like Basti and Iris is a central character to TIMY.

menteeSidebar: I also liked the touching scene between Otap and Basti, and the way Iris watches over her husband in silent pride. I would like to think that this is the writers’ reminder that they are not forgetting about who Basti and Iris are and that they will stay true to their characters. (I hope)

And what’s up with Nestor and Cass anyway? I’m really not a big fan of Nestor trying to get all chummy with Cass when Val is seething with rage and jealousy. Whether his intent is simple friendship or something more, I on’t think anything good will come out of it.

All in all, I’m beginning to see some future in these storylines. I have a feeling that they’re reserving one major conflict to threaten IsTi and Ali but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that its not gonna be Madison.


One thought on “#TIMYSacrifice: And so it begins

  1. Please please please dont let it be Madison! Is a third party and the career vs love angle all the writers can think of to portray young couple conflicts these days?

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