#TIMYNewYear: Please save our last three weeks. It isn’t too late.

I have always been vocal about not wanting a love triangle storyline on TIMY because I don’t want my OTP corrupted by an outside force so to speak but if it was for the good of the story, I would welcome the development of such an arc. But when the Abangan for the weekender sprung that TIMY was on its last three weeks, I was shocked that the writers will dwell on this frickin’ Madison arc and insert a potential separation until the end.

madisonThe LOWDOWN: Nestor moves in with Nanet and Pilo and is slowly picking up the pieces of his life after he paid off all of his investors at the expense of his own funds, but fate takes a weird turn when Val chances upon him and Cass in Tayuman and jumps to the worst conclusion. Meanwhile, Madison keeps up appearances of wanting to help Iris and makes her further indebted to her. In so doing, she sets Iris up to be as miserable as she is only to set her evil designs on Basti.

Since nothing much happened in the episode, let me just warn you that most of these insights will deal about the arcs for the last three weeks.

I am big enough to admit when I am wrong. If you would recall my post several days ago, I even apologized for jumping to the conclusion that Tita V and Madison were plotting to take down the love team and break up IsTi but it turns out I shouldn’t have apologized because that was the exact trajectory that the show will take in its final three weeks.

To say that I am disappointed and frustrated over this turn of events is an understatement. TIMY started out to be a groundbreaking show, courageous and creative in tackling sensitive and realistic issues on LGBT, friendship, relationship and marriage. But when the Ali was being groomed to be a lead instead of a secondary character, many viewers reacted negatively. This threw off the flow of the story and pretty soon, Ali was relegated as a secondary character, through no fault of James and Nadine. When Iris and Basti attempted to tackle issues about getting married young and whirlwind courtships, naysayers focused on that backseat love scene and as a result, talented head writer Shugo Praico was replaced by OTWOL head writer Benedict Mique which made many OTWOL fans happy.

True enough, there were tons of OJD and real life issues that followed in the upcoming months but Team TIMY was understandably more tame when it came to sweet scenes between the husband and wife. Its handling of the LGBT arc was also very different and with months of developing the Stephen and Ali arc, any romance has been implied at best. It seemed that the show was afraid to take the plunge or it was holding out the climax very close to its chest. It was the same for Ali and Sir Dad’s issue, which is arguably one of the major issues of the show. With the way things are going, it seems as if the issue will just be resolved on its own and Sir Dad will have his moment of realization while he is injured and being cared for by his son. Such a waste of great talent as Robert Cena and JC Santos are some of the finest actors out there.

And lets talk about all of the great issues tackled by IsTi. Whirlwind courtships, dealing with in laws, moving out, communication, losing a baby and everything was laid out so well and showcased that James and Nadine were not just about delivering kilig. All of these storylines were dealt with each within a week or less. And now, here comes this Madison character, who will have an arc that will last for the final week?

To say that I feel frustrated is, like I said an understatement. I feel betrayed because the show is delivering the most cliche storyline to end a show that has effectively sustained the momentum these past four months with realistic and original concepts and ideas.

Don’t get me wrong. More than anything, my issue with this Madison arc is that its too close to Artmart arc of OTWOL. In truth, sometimes, Iris’ character is being groomed to behave like Leah. I love Leah and I understood her character but her denseness earned her the ire of many netizens during the time of OTWOL but Leah is a different character from Iris and Iris shouldn’t be made to be a new version of Leah. Everything that she has been doing of late has been out of character and Basti too, is behaving like Clark. What is going on?

Its unfair for the show to set the bar so high only to deliver a recycled cliche conflict for its the ending Nadine, James and JC and the entire cast have delivered on every challenge and they deserve better than Madison to be their final test.

My suggestion, settle this Madison arc within a week, and use the remaining two weeks to close out IsTi and Ali’s stories properly. And come on, settle that Val-Cass-Nestor arc already. Its too petty to last this long. I have a lot of feelings because many have fought long and hard for this show and I want it to end on a high note.

Please save this show, writers, I implore you in the name of our entire fandom. The naysayers have all packed their bags and left and it is the loyal viewers like us who continue to support the show and what it stands for. Don’t falter on your original ideas and don’t insult our intelligence with this Madison drivel please. We have faith in you. Kapit lang kami kahit beast mode na.

2 thoughts on “#TIMYNewYear: Please save our last three weeks. It isn’t too late.

  1. What you observed re otwol line on the show is all deja vu for us. Especially on the Madison arc and re Iris and Basti’ s chatacters. Parang there’d no originality na on the storyline. Wish they would end on the high note.

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    1. I’m hopeful that there’s going to be something more because the team has so far not failed us in the last four months. But I was really frustrated on the trajectory of this Madison arc especially since they sprung the last three weeks on us so abruptly. Fingers crossed sis.


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