#TIMYStrategy: Madison as Simon 2.0? Uh, no thank you!

Tonight’s hashtag should not have been #TIMYStrategy, it should have been #TIMYStupidity. And even if people tell me right now that I’m a fake fan, I would gladly say that I absolutely hated tonight’s weekender.

bagThe LOWDOWN: After successfully mounting the mass wedding event, Madison offers to mentor Iris on being the boss of an events company. Basti, while he’s excited about the possibilities presented by Iris’ chance to learn from the best, cautions his wife to be wary because Madison’s offer presents a conflict of interest. While she agrees with her husband’s advice, when the time of the mentoring came, she caves and gives in to Madison’s demands, leading the husband and wife to argue about Iris’ choices.

First off, I am not a big fan of the trajectory that this Madison storyline is taking. It seems that she is being groomed by the writers to become Simon 2.0 with the way she is “mentoring” Iris and Tita Val’s implications of her similarities with Basti. The fact that her boyfriend was revealed as a douchebag further strengthened the possibility that her intent to sabotage Iris professionally may well extend to her wanting to ruin her relationship with her husband as well.

At least Simon was charming and did not have any intent to steal Leah away from Basti until they broke up (even though he developed feelings for her before then) . At least Simon was mentoring Leah because he saw her potential and not because he was a competitor who wanted her to fail. And we all knew how the Simon storyline destroyed Cleah as well as our hearts with that ako o trabaho mo ultimatum. The way things are shaping up, its not a far cry for her to want Iris, the woman who beat her out of a major account to lose the love of her life much like she lost her man Caleb who some hoe.

Unfortunately, Loren Burgos is not yet as seasoned an actor as Paulo Avelino to pull off a character that will earn the viewers favor or sympathy if she threatens the stability of IsTi that the show has built up for several months already. With Madison’s extended exposure, her trites and monotonous delivery of her lines, which she may see as the only requirement to pull off a sophisticated company boss, gets old easily. She is endearing herself to no one at this point, especially when she pressured Iris to purchase that P300,000 bag. Just to clear things up, I have nothing against Loren Burgos, who plays Madison. Its just that the way the character is written and her relative inexperience in the acting game is still obvious with her portrayal of this complicated character.

Speaking of which, it was totally uncanny for Iris to agree to such a loan especially since not too long ago, when the Love Team was experiencing a slump, she had no two pennies to rub together. I would understand if it was a P30,000 bag, but P300,000? Basti was right in scolding her for it, but it would have been better if instead of storming out, he had forced her to return the bag and get a refund. I understand peer pressure and Iris’ high regard for Madison but the Iris that we know is smart and determined and not anybody’s lapdog. She should not start being one now. And instead of Basti always caving in to Iris because he loves her so much, Iris should also not make major decisions and take her husband’s agreement for granted.

Meanwhile, the only joy that I got out of tonight’s episode was the resurfacing of Nestor’s bangs. That’s it. I can’t wait for next week to see how they handle Ali and Sir Dad’s arc. I hope it gets the proper attention that months of build up deserved.

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