#TIMYBackOff: Madison who? Basti loves his own; My wish for Ali

Alright, I’m big enough to admit when I’ve made a mistake and I’m sorry if I jumped to the wrong conclusion about new girl Madison. It seems that she doesn’t have designs on Basti after all (for now) and is more focused about taking down The Love Team rather than breaking apart my precious IsTi. That will teach me a lesson.

massweddingThe LOWDOWN: Madison calls the Love Team to test their abilities and understand how a small company of newbies could beat her BBD for the wedding of the year. Not only that, but it turns out that BBD also submitted their own entry to the wedding video competition that Basti won and only placed second. Meanwhile, Sir Dad is still recuperating and Ali remains the stubbornly by his side to care for him despite his surliness.

Okay, so Madison wasn’t the third wheel that everybody expected, and Tita Val only knew her as the daughter of a friend and wasn’t involved in some plot to take down The Love Team (sorry for doubting you, Tita Val, huhuhu).

To say that I was relieved was an understatement because having a third party after all the gains of the IsTi relationship in the past couple of months would be really a cliche conflict at this point. On one hand, I love the challenge that Madison presented on a professional level because while she intended to study the Love Team to take them down, they might serve to remind her about the joys of loving one’s work and helping the clients that she may have forgotten being on top of the industry for so long. (I’ve learned my lesson and refrain from drawing conclusions from the teaser and see how it plays out before I make any judgments.) I loved how Team TIMY drew the contrast between how Madison and Iris got things done — Iris trained people to empower them while Madison, because she wielded a lot of power that Iris didn’t have in the industry, was used to people following her orders in a snap.

It made me think about how Madison would have fixed the problem with the florist at Catherine’s wedding when they failed to show up on time. At that time, I really felt that Iris was too nice to the supplier when she didn’t even demand for their help in sourcing the supplies during crunchtime.

Also, Madison and Tita Val being on the same boat when it came to their lovelives provided a great peek into the challenges that some hard core career women face in real life.

Thank you Team TIMY for delivering on the OJD with Basti’s consistent hirits about romancing his wife. Time to love his own indeed. Haha, Basti, you flirt. And Iris’ laughter was just the appropriate response to her harot husband.

Meanwhile, I feel that while there are some developments on the Ali/Sir Dad arc, the storyline is not given as much attention as it used to. Ali’s arc used to be a major aspect in the show but lately, his issues have been pushed to the side as a filler for IsTi conflicts. While I love that the show is focusing on the issues of the husband and wife, I think that it could do well in giving equal attention to the LGBT storyline that it set out strongly with. I know that its very difficult for the writers to balance out the viewers’ demands with the way they tell their story but I have every faith in the team that they will be able to achieve all this at their own pace.

In terms of exposure, I don’t think any of these stars will complain about getting more or less airtime because the TIMY cast is awesome and professional and are unafraid to share the spotlight for the good of the story. And this makes the show stronger compared to other shows.


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