#TIMYTheBigBreak: Umayos ka, Madison; Ali’s homecoming

I can smell a vamp from a mile away and even before new character Madison made her first appearance tonight, I was already wary of her arrival.

naddieThe LOWDOWN: The Love Team successfully pulls off the wedding of the year and seem like they’re on a roll after they were invited for a feature in one of the biggest bridal magazine (PS. Shoutout to Team Real author Irish Dizon for her cameo, and how beautiful was Naddie in that dress? Spell Kabogera). But wait, there’s more because Madison Villareal, who happens to be the owner of Brides by Design and the queen of the Philippine wedding scene calls them for a meeting. Meanwhile, Ali decides to move back home to help take care of Sir Dad while he is recovering and he seems wiling to sacrifice himself before his father’s ire just to prove that he is sincere in wanting to make peace with his dad.

I don’t know but there’s just something about the way that Madison looked at Basti that made me want to pull her hair out and trip her instead of save her from falling flat on her face. (The ominous sultry background music did not help) She made no secret of her attraction to Basti and even more so when they formally met and she smiled at him like a cat who got the cream when he recognized her from he wedding.

I don’t know if I should be glad that at least she showed her true colors to Iris and Kelly , who were too starstruck to notice that they were insulted to their faces by Madison. What got me puzzled was Basti because normally,  he would have been the first to protect his wife from anyone trying to hurt her but instead of putting Madison in her place, he grinned at her and said he recognized her from their brief encounter.

And what’s with Val? Why was she conniving with Madison and why would they want to take the Love Team down? Why would Val want to hurt Iris by putting Madison between her and Basti when Iris has not done anything wrong to her? Has her bitterness poisoned her against any good relationship? Ooooohhhh…

A bright spot in tonight’s episode amid all the foreboding brought by Madison was Ali’s decision to move back home.  The fact that he stood firm in his decision this time around was a far cry from his reaction when his father drove him out of the house. It was also a braver Ali than the one who wallowed in his hurt as his father refused to acknowledge him when he first awoke from his coma.

Ali’s courage and determination in wanting to be beside his father in his hour of need at the risk of his hurtful words and actions was a testament to Ali’s strong personality. Even when he was unsure about the outcome, he stood by the people he loved. And Sir Dad’s softening reaction to Ali’s statement was, for me, a positive indication that he will see the courage it took for Ali to return home and the determination that his son had in showing him his love — all traits of a good soldier, just like him. Way to represent the LGBT Ali. Way to go!

I hope that Team TIMY does not pursue the love triangle arc for long. I credit Loren Burgos for her effective portrayal of socialite Madison but I don’t want anyone to come between Basti and Iris, especially after all they’ve been through. I believe in Basti though, in his loyalty and love to Iris and I believe that when push comes to a shove, Iris will fight for her man. On second thought, let’s see how this plays out. I want a spitfire Iris to come out soon. It would be really interesting and I’m pretty sure that Basti will enjoy every minute.




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