#TIMYStayStrong: Through ups and lows, the Love Team stays together

Talk about starting the week with a roller coaster ride. This episode was the culmination of one week’s worth of foreshadowing about Sir Dad’s fate after Mama Agnes’ gut feel proved correct.

The LOWDOWN: After the biggest event planners tried to wow Ms. Xia and her fiancee with over the top concepts for their wedding, Iris and Kelly earn their favor by focusing on what’s truly important about the occasion. But not even a full minute passes upon receiving the news that Ali receives a call from Mama Agnes informing him that his dad has been injured in combat and is in critical condition. Meanwhile, Nestor and Val both receive subpoenas for charges of large scale estafa from their irate clients.


mamaagnesFirst of all, let me just say that Pokwang truly deserved to be recognized as a stellar actress and not just a comedienne. She consistently delivers on the various facets of her role in TIMY — as a friend, as a mother, as a ninang and as a wife to Greggy, her silent tears as she looked on at her husband’s prone form, as he was attached to a number of lifesaving devices was a testament to her acting chops. Her ability to shift from comedy to drama has been truly admirable. Galing mo Mama Agnes.

Meanwhile, Ali’s guilt and grief, especially when he was being rejected by his father from the hospital room was heartbreaking. When he began to question whether he did the right thing in coming out to his father to set himself free, it was a valid question. It got viewers to think because the what ifs came pouring in. What if Sir Dad remained ignorant of his son’s sexual preference? What if Ali chose to stay in the closet like Stephen? What if Ali continued with his relationship with Iris and just kept his best friend in the dark about his true feelings?  Would it have been worth it?

On the other hand, his guilt at pushing his father to accept dangerous missions to avoid him also weighed heavily on Ali. It was a good thing that he had true friends to rely on in his time of need — Iris, Basti, Kelly and Stephen. It was a very real dilemma for members of the LGBT community, perhaps not on the same scale but Ali’s journey to acceptance has been consistently relatable.

And kudos to the TIMY cast and crew. When I saw the BTS, Direk Andoy and the entire gang were laughing so hard. When the cameras switched on, they delivered on those heavy scenes like the pros they were. Husay!

validationMeanwhile, I loved how even amid the tragedy, Basti and Iris didn’t forget to validate each other’s efforts. Amid everything, they have become quite the package deal, doing everything together. They have become, in Meredith’s Grey’s terms, each other’s “persons.” Its not a bad thing for a husband and wife to be. I’m not a big fan of the upcoming arc though because a vamp seems to have her eyes set on Basti.

Its true that its a very realistic dilemma because come on, Basti is super hot plus he’s also sweet, caring, considerate, sensitive, smart, talented and we’re just getting started on this list. I don’t know but I have never been a fan of James’ character paired with anyone other than Nadine’s character. Sorry James, I can totally support him on a standalone but not with another girl. Sorry but that’s very subjective of me and I take full responsibility. Rest assured I’m not going to go beast mode on this but for the record, I really don’t care if the girl is prettier or more sophisticated than Nadine. IRL, I know that its a different story  but its just that I have this attachment to my OTP that its hard to break barriers no matter how great an actor James is. Sorry Hayme. I may need a bit more time.

I hope this third party arc ends soon and we get started on another arc quick, because there are other stories to explore. I have complete faith in Basti, but its the new girl I’m not so sure about. Hmmpphhh!! On the other hand, Nadine is adorable on selos mode so we’ll see how they handle this.



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