#TIMYUnstoppable: Welcome back Iris

You must admit that Iris has evolved a lot as a character from the beginning of TIMY but its so refreshing to see her back to her kikay go-getter self, which was on full display in tonight’s episode.

img_20161222_210911The LOWDOWN: Iris has her eye set on bagging a slot to bid for the biggest celebrity wedding of the year and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. Backed up by Kelly, they stalk model Xia Gallagher to the point that both were plagued by pains and salonpas the following day just to function normally. Meanwhile, Nestor is almost done paying back the the deposits of his clients but has been forced to sell most of his assets and Lolo Soc advises him to clear his name no matter what.

Iris and Kelly were gold in this episode. Nadine and Kim both have great comedic timing but together, they were unstoppable in delivering the laughs. Their mishaps and subsequent body pains, especially the salonpas and the crutches were over the top and just the right amount of hilarious. Truth be told, if it happened in real life, it would have been creepy to be stalked no matter what the reason but with these two goofballs made it easy for Xia to at least give them a slot.

Don’t think I missed that moment when someone at the bar trying to hit on Iris (whose name was James) and was shot down by her: “I’m married.” LOL

I was super psyched to see Iris back to her old determined self because honestly, she has been in quite a slump since Catherine’s wedding mishap. And frankly, she carried the brunt of the consequences even though she did her absolute damnest to make things work out. Its great to see her focus on something positive and channel all of her energies towards a goal. I do hope she gets the account, not because of Basti, or Ali or Kelly , but because Xia believes in her skill and her idea because Iris deserves to be validated.

Ali and Stephen are becoming more flirty these past couple of episodes and kudos to Enzo Pineda for the gradual shift of his character from a closet gay to someone who is now more comfortable and open with his gender. I hope that these two will get a happy ending. I’ve learned not to take things at face value with this show.  Meanwhile, I have a really bad feeling about Sir Dad with Agnes’ instincts kicking in plus the broken picture frame from the last episode. Hopefully, he won’t die with this Ali issue unresolved.

On the other hand, I’m worried about Val, especially now that Nestor seems to be in good terms with Cass. I feel bad for her because despite the ordeal that Nestor is facing, he has his son and his extended family to back him up whereas Val uprooted herself from Greece, and severed ties with the rest of her friends (for judging Nestor. Seriously, what type of people were they?) and now has nothing but her sorrow to keep her company. I hope she doesn’t go too dark in the upcoming episodes.



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