#TIMYTheAnnouncement: Basti for the win

I must admit that I haven’t fully moved on from mourning the loss of the first IsTi baby but I’m happy that Iris and Basti are going through this ordeal together instead of dealing with it separately which is common among some husbands and wives in similar situations. I for one, am glad that Basti got selected as one of the top entries in the wedding video competition because we need something positive to cleanse our palettes from all the negative stuff that’s been happening to our OTP’s TIMY characters.

congratsThe LOWDOWN: Basti wins over other entries in the wedding video competition and bags a P300,000 prize, aside from the acclaim he will get after the announcement is made formal. Nestor is getting tired of his financial problems and sees Val’s persistence to get back together as a major nuisance while Ali and Sir Dad’s situation still hangs in the balance.

Basti won the competition! Yay! But it really wasn’t that big of a surprise that it would happen since Dreamscape opened their page to vote for his video on Facebook. Kudos to Dreamscape for thinking of this idea to involve the fans even though there wasn’t really a real competition. Team TIMY must’ve thought that viewers could not resist any opportunity to support Basti/James, thus the move. They weren’t wrong. *fandom hug*

I loved how natural Basti’s excitement was when he shared the news with his wife. The way he carried her and spun her around was more James than Basti to be honest and the way he mischievously flirted with his love was 100 percent no acting required. Totally fun to watch.

Sidebar: For the family outing to Ocean Park, I was keeping my fingers crossed that Basti got a Metrodeal coupon for a discount. Ang dami nila, ang mahal, bes!

On the other hand, I could not help but feel annoyed at Nestor for how he has been treating Val. Its true that he has a lot on his plate but Val has been with him through thick and thin especially when they were still in Greece and it seems he has forgotten all of her good qualities, even now, when she’s sticking her neck out for him, just because she once said that she wanted to flee to Greece when the going got tough. It seems Nestor found that as the excuse he needed to drop her and he did. Despite wanting to do the right thing by his clients which is laudable, its still not an excuse to treat Val like a used dishrag, and Val should not be too desperate to cling to someone who obviously never wanted to be with her in he first place.

alidadAs for Ali and Stephen, it would seem as though their relationship steadily keeps on flip flopping because Stephen refuses to let go of the past. I’m actually excited to see their relationship move forward because they are both great guys and deserve to be happy  but unless one of them speaks up and confesses, that might be difficult to achieve. Meanwhile, Ali’s situation with Sir Dad remains at a standstill and it seems that TIMY is bracing to make the major arc putting Sir Dad in harm’s way.

I’m excited for tonight’s episode because after a while we will finally catch a glimpse of the determined and makulit Iris who will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. After the disaster at Catherine’s wedding, her confidence really took a toll and she has been down a lot and its refreshing to finally see her back to form. Go Iris!


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