#TIMYMustGoOn: Pain needs to be felt

Last week’s weekender was a heartbreaker and to tell you frankly, I wasn’t really prepared to welcome a week without Baby Iris or Baby Basti even if she or he was just a fetus. As expected, the episode tackled the aftermath of losing the baby and it wasn’t all pretty.

The LOWDOWN: In the wake of the baby’s loss, Iris jumps back to work and appears to be normal. Too normal in fact, being cheerful at home and no nonsense at work. Basti and the rest of her family and friends are puzzled about her uncanny cheerfulness but choose to wait it out to see how she deals with her grief. Val on the other hand tries to work things out with Nestor but he is adamant and stands by their break up.

I don’t know but even from the opening scenes, and even when Iris was being cheerful, my heart already felt heavy. Nadine is a pro at comedic scenes but the way she portrayed the over the top glee of Iris as she tried to appear normal was an even bigger blow to my heart than a breakdown. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak and when tge meltdown finally came, I felt Iris,’ pain, each and every part of it.

It really shouldnt have been a surprise the way Iris dealt with her pain. It was really consistent with her character from the beginning when she was holding back her own heartbreak from her breakup with Ali and it took Mama Agnes’s words for her to unleash tge world of hurt hiding behind her strong facade. When she saw the name on the client’s cake, the shift was so quick and Nadine’s swift transition to consummate professional to grieving mom was greatly executed. When she insisted that Ali change the name, viewers could feel that she knew that she was being unreasonable but was helpless against her emotions. When she clung to Ali for support, my tears just kept falling with her. I wished they didn’t have to cut the scene too abruptly because Iris really deserved her moment.

It was also a relief that their true emotions were finally out in the open because both Basti and Iris needed to know how the other was truly feeling in order to go through their ordeal together. And like what he promised, Basti was there in a snap to support his wife amid the questions and self doubt. I’m glad that Team TIMY didn’t drag out this uncertainty for too long because losing a child was already a major blow to the husband and wife that having a misunderstanding so soon after would have been tragic and I’m not just talking about IsTi but for viewers as well.

On the other hand, I smell that Stephen may be developing some feelings for Ali by dropping this subtle hints that our Ali is not so quick to pick up on, so lost was he on the idea that he was souffering through one sided love again. It’s cute and I hope they explore this arc further in future episodes.

I feel sorry for Val because she didn’t deserve to be dumped by Nestor in that way. She deserved to do the dumping of anything because Nestor’s reasons were too shallow. I do credit him however for at least setting her free so that she may find another chance at happiness that he could not give her in the long run. I hope Val does find it because Chuchay had it right. She did deserve more. 

The Abangan promises more sweetness but right now, I’ve become too wary of happy scenes because every happy moment is always met with tragedy in this show. Come on guys, give us some sustainable happiness please and stop toying with our feelings. Para nyo nang awa.



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