#TIMYBeatTheBlues: Happy Iris Day!

Before it was Mama Cass vs Basti but nowadays, the in laws are as thick as thieves and putting their heads together, forming secret plans to do something special for the woman they both love — I’m loving it.

voteThe LOWDOWN: The Love Team plus Mama Cass come up with an idea to cheer up Iris and celebrate the many ways she will one day become a great mother. Basti’s video becomes one of the finalists in an international competition and the media finally descend on the Modern Family Residences regarding Nestor’s business problems.

During the time of OTWOL, viewers were all wanting a husband like Clark, but Basti is definitely giving him some good competition nowadays, leveling up the standards for boyfriends and husbands everywhere.

Why not?  Basti unabashedly shows the world how he feels about his wife and is a neverending well of surprises. Basti is the type of guy whose masculinity is not threatened by his sensitivity and show of emotions and the way he loves Iris so deeply is indeed inspiring.

When Kelly, Ali and Mama Cass enumerated how Iris was like a mother to them, it was so touching because it all felt so sincere, especially when Ali delivered his spiel. It made viewers reminisce the journey of their friendship and all the feels that went with it. When Basti delivered his, along with a break in his voice, audiences could tell he was coming from a deeper place that only a James Reid can deliver to his lady love.

When Basti unveiled that wedding video, his love letter to Iris, it made me wonder whether any of the viewers who witnessed the video at the moment could have kept their emotions in check.

The way the video was laid out, the way the script focused on Iris and only Iris the way Basti saw her, the way he loved her and delivered his promise to love her  forever, it was so candid and the words were so beautiful. It was a peek into Basti’s heart and it was overflowing with wonder and gratefulness that a woman like Iris would fall in love with him. When he said “I must’ve done something right to deserve you,” it was like he was raising his hands to heaven and thanking his lucky stars that he landed himself the love of his life. It was also a message of thanks to Iris for showing him how he deserved to be loved.

It was a special moment of television and one of my favorite scenes on  TIMY overall.  Don’t worry Basti, should you ever need a reason, TIMYllenials will be more than happy to provide you with a list as long as the red carpet on your wedding.

Definitely, the first three segments of this episode were definitely heartwarming and an eye opener for anyone who has ever encountered anyone who has suffered through loss that it is just as important to make that person feel special and loved, which is sometimes forgotten amid all the grief.

I loved how Iris and Basti prayed for each other out loud and shared their appreciation for each other before God. Things will definitely not get better overnight but the fact that they knew that they were there for each other was already a big deal that will help them deal with their ordeal as husband and wife and as almost parents. I hope that in the future, Iris will get to return the favor and show her husband how much she loved him.

And what do you know? Basti’s video rightfully earned one of the Top 3 spots in the video competition he joined. What does this mean? JaDines, let’s win this? LOLs. But seriously, this piece of good news was a welcome distraction from all the gloom and doom feels after losing the baby so it was a relief to have something positive to look forward to.

As for Nestor and Val, while their relationship is going through the wringer, it seems that Nestor will have no choice but to let Val save the day because of her media contacts. The question is whether or not Val will use it as leverage to make Nestor come back to her now that she’s sticking her neck on the line to save the company’s image. It will be interesting to see how far she will go because more than love, Val’s pride is what has been keeping her from moving on. She’s a woman who doesn’t want to lose and on the verge of loss, she might do something she might regret later.

PS Apparently, fans can actually vote for Basti’s video online. Check out this post from Dreamscape and lets win this for our boy.



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