#TIMYHoldOn: Bawal na ba maging masaya?

I must admit that after last night’s Abangan, I wasn’t too excited to watch tonight’s episode especially since it will also be a weekender and therefore leave me with a lot of feels to mull over for Saturday and Sunday if tragedy does strike. But being a loyal viewer, here I sat at the edge of my seat the entire time, afraid of what would happen.

The LOWDOWN: The Love Team and company successfully throw Iris a Maternity Party, gifting her with stuff that she will need as she goes through the pregnancy. Everybody is excited about the coming of Baby Basti or Baby Iris but suddenly, things take a turn for the worse when Iris suffers from spotting and cramps.

I loved the first gap because of the overflowing of love in one single room. I wish all moms to be would have their own maternity parties so that they will get a chance to be appreciated for their role in bringing to the world new life. Iris’ friends and family were over the moon in excitement to see how baby Basti or Iris will turn out. 

From this..
… to this is the space of two gaps.

But when it was revealed that Iris’ pregnancy would not progress because it was an ectopic pregnancy, it made me realize that it was a good thing that yesterday’s teaser hinted at what was to come. It would have been too much of a shock if it just happened suddenly. Kind of  like when spoilers came out about Glenn dying in the Walking Dead. Yes, its the same level of grief that I felt, especially when I saw the level of sorrow that James and Nadine delivered on their respective scenes. Clark and Leah’s breakups were top notch but this heartbreak is a different level altogether. I could not bear to rewatch it because it hurts that much.

Personally, I wanted to strangle the doctor when she kept on yapping while Iris was close to having a breakdown, having learned that the baby would have to be taken out. Even when she was delivering the bright side, her matter of fact delivery did not help Iris, Basti or Mama Cass feel any better about the situation. I wish she had been more sensitive to her patient and explained to her with more compassion her medical condition rather than just laying down the information like an automaton.

I may be being too hard on the doctor but we’re talking about Iris and Basti and JaDine’s first fictional baby here and I am not ashamed to feel emotional about this. When Iris broke down, my heart shattered with her every sob and Basti’s silent pain almost brought me to my knees. His scene at the chapel where he was holding the booty with trembling hands and his uncontrollable breakdown,as well as his moment where Tita Nanet hugged him showed how emotionally fragile he was at the time. His struggle was so real. He was the epitome of a man who was trying to hold things together while inside he was already breaking into a million tiny pieces. Ans its a testament to James and Nadine’s acting skills that they pulled off these scenes convincingly so kudos to these two hardworking lovebirds. 

Sometimes, I wonder whether Team TIMY enjoys baiting us with happy episodes just so they could hurt us all the more with these emotional ones. it’s true that life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies but just why is it that every good thing that happens in this show has an equivalent tragedy? WHYYYYY??? Bawal na ba maging masaya?

It was a good thing that Cass was there for Iris and Basti, and most especially for her daughter as she began to question what she did wrong to make her lose her baby, something that has plagued the minds of women since thousands of years ago. Props to Cass for easing Iris’ worries and props to Mina too for her emotional scene outside the operating room that conveyed her heartbreak over the loss of her unborn grandchild and her worry over her child.

Val on the other hand is becoming more and more desperate, something I cannot condone simply because she is owning up to all of the mistakes in the relationship just to get Nestor back. It’s not healthy for her as a woman to be so needy. But then again, she’s a woman in love so who am I to judge?

Next week promises to test IsTi’s relationship anew as they begin to deal with grief in different ways. It promises to be yet another conflict and a possible source of resentment for Basti if he feels that Iris is not mourning enough for the loss of their child but like the quickness in which this series resolves it’s issues, I hope that they begin to process their grief together and communicate like they learned from Lolo Hayme and Lola Ading so they could support each other through this tough time. Fingers crossed. 


3 thoughts on “#TIMYHoldOn: Bawal na ba maging masaya?

  1. First time to made a comment here. Love how you put sequence review. To be honest working in medical field it’s pretty common on the doctor broke the news a lot of them have no empathy they don’t show emotion. They are direct to the point. It’s very heartbreaking episode so painful so see this first time parent devastated. But to be honest I’m so impressed with there acting the emotion so real there breakdown scene was just amazing. Nadine when she cries you really can feel the pain. James was just as good as everyone in the industry. Great episode review.


  2. Very true..the acting prowess of jadine is commendable. How Basti put up a brave face and contains his grief in front of his wife in order to assure her that everything will be ok and that he is there no matter what happens, yet deep inside he is completely shattered. He burst it out in his alone time..This made us love him more and wanting to have more Basti out there. hahaha
    Iris is too good to be true in her acting.
    They are really a game changer…


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