#TIMYPreggyFeels: Poor Basti; A celebration of parenthood

Sorry I’ve been feeling under the weather these past few days so I have a incurred a two recap backlog (which I promise to catch up on). Rest assured that I’m not missing any installmewof TIMY but for the meantime, here’s the recap for tonight’s episode.


The LOWDOWN: Poor Basti! After going through hell and high water yesterday in search of Marang, Iris’ mood swings are getting worse and now, his wife can’t stand the sight or mention of Marang and even Basti himself. Meanwhile, the Love Team comes up with an ingenious idea of holding a Maternity Shower for their pregnant friend.

First off, props to Basti for being so patient with his wife’s mood swings, unreasonable though it may seem at times. Imagine getting banished to the bathroom, and having to hide himself behind a barricade of people just because Iris couldn’t stand the sight of him for no reason, this after he did his best to cater to her every request and every craving. While it was funny to watch I really felt bad for Basti who was clearly dazed and confused about what was happening half the time.


It came as a great relief to see Basti finally out of the doghouse after Mama Cass urged Iris to explain to her husband how she was feeling. Basti’s candor in admitting that he was doing his best to understand was admirable and adorable as usual. And Iris’ acknowledgment and appreciation of his efforts went a long way in easing the harassment he felt somewhat. I think the message there is that it is important for husbands and wives to appreciate each other and support each other as they go through the journey of building a family together. 

TIMY is doing a good job of delivering a light but substantial take on the travails that pregnant women go through in their first trimester. Because not everyone goes through pregnancy and even goes through it in different ways, it may sometimes be hard for some to understand mood swings, cravings and and like that go with the territory. It is sometimes unreasonable yet completely normal. By seeing what Basti had to go through as well as Iris, the show highlighted the perspectives of both the husband and the wife, making it more relatable to a wider group of people.

Meanwhile, it was sweet of the gang to plan a Maternity Party for Iris to have an opportunity to shower her with gifts that will get her through pregnancy. This is also something to consider for pregnant women who are too busy saving up for the delivery and for the baby’s needs that they have to scrimp every cent they can, often at their own expense and discomfort just to make do. Good job for Team TIMY because it has been noticeable since yesterday’s episode that Iris has been repeating her outfits from previous episodes which emphasized this point. I’ve got to admit though that I’m excited to see Iris in fashionable maternity outfits. With a trendsetter such as Nadine, it would be interesting to see how Iris can spruce up the maternity fashion game.

On the other hand, I feel really bad about Tita Val especially when she told Basti about how she felt about attending baby events. Kudos to her for braving through the pain of seeing Nestor just to support Basti and Iris in this trying time. And what’s with the revival of Nestor’s infamous bangs from his college days? Pls explain. 

But as always, with all the celebration vibes that has been the best description for this week’s episodes, writers once again threaten to serve us with another great ordeal that IsTi will have to deal with. Will Iris lose the baby? And how will the couple with deal with this latest hurdle? Hopefully, that Abangan was a fake out but I’m already steeling myself for the worst. Best be prepared after all.

But please don’t kill our first fictional Jadine baby.  Please save baby Marang.


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