#TIMYTheSetUp: The much awaited reconciliation, A top secret mission

While Nestor’s problem is nothing to scoff at and promises to be a turning point in his and Val’s relationship, I just can’t get over the hilarity of Basti’s secret operation.

img_20161207_224233The LOWDOWN: Basti makes a big realization while he and Iris were on their second honeymoon – that they need God in the center of their relationship. So even before he and his wife arrive in Manila, he enlists the help of Ali, Kelly and the Tayumenters to stage the biggest surprise for his greatest love. He also makes peace with Mama Cass while he’s at it. But his dad’s troubles are only just beginning and it threatens to ruin tge name and reputation he has worked so hard for.

I loved tonight’s episode because finally, Cass seemed to be getting it. Sensing Nestor’s problems, she was able to talk to him calmly and even advise him on his financial and personal problems. Not that she’s exactly the best person to give advice but having the concern to actually share an opinion was a major step for Cass, who has spent the better part of two months hating on Basti and Nestor indiscriminately. 

One of my favorite scenes though was Cass and Basti’s heart to heart where both opened up about where they were coming from and acknowledged their faults in their disagreement. After annoying the heck out of viewers, the Cassandra that talked to Basti to tonight was calm and caring. It was so touching when Basti called her Mama and she called him Anak, even more so when she acknowledged that Basti was a good husband to Iris and extolled his positive qualities. This simply meant that despite constantly putting him down, she did see his worth. When they hugged, I could not help but feel my tears flow. It was easy to forgive Cass after the heartfelt dialogue. Kudos Carmina Villarroel. You keep us on our toes with these shifts in your Cassandra persona. 

Speaking of dialogue, I loved the script for tonight. It was full of realizations and food for thought. Basti saying that they needed God at the center of their marriage, Cass advising Nestor to make things right and not flee from the problems. It was good that while she said it and it seemed like she might have been shading him, it was delivered in a matter of fact way because it was actually a fact. And the weight of the decision now rested with Val, on whether she loved Nestor enough to stick by her man when he was in the middle of a crisis – no matter what her decision would be though, it promises to have an impact on their relationship.

I loved the close calls and the times Basti and his conspirators almost got caught. If I were Iris, I would be especially suspicious of Basti being all cloak and dagger, refusing an opportunity to cuddle or invite her to shower together which seemed to be his thing. He did wake up to ask whether she wanted to do it (make love) but he didn’t seem to expect her to take him up on the offer which was funny, but classic of Basti.

It was also hilarious how such a top secret operation was being done right outside for all to see. Still, it was touching to have that sense of family within the community that nobody had to be asked twice to pitch in. It seemed like a given that everyone would want to get involved and they were. 

Like the hashtag suggested, #TIMYTheSetUp was an excellent lead in for tomorrow’s actual proposal. Color me excited.


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