#TIMYSurprise: The gift of time, lasting love

Romance knows no age and tonight’s episode was an extension of the good vibes from yesterday’s love fest which cemented the gains of Basti and Iris’ impromptu trip to Batangas.

img_20161206_224933The LOWDOWN: Basti and Iris conspire with the villagers to throw a surprise church wedding for Lolo Hayme and Lola Ading to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, a project everyone was more than willing to join for the well loved couple. Meanwhile, Nestor tries his best to find a solution to the financial hole left by his crooked business partner and CFO in order to continue the condo project and deliver on his company’s commitment to their buyers. Ali, on the other hand, starts to see his bro Stephen in a different light.

Before I delve into anything in this episode, I want to talk about Ali’s single yet significant scene in tonight’s episode, which confirmed what viewers were suspecting since a week ago. He was falling for Stephen and his kilig grin and his constant reference to their pic together was  a positive indication that our baby girl is crushing on his bestie. Hopefully, Stephen reconsiders his usual taste in guys and looks at Ali as a potential partner. Oh, I’m so kilig with these two. They deserve to be happy.

I loved that tonight’s episode seemed to recap all of IsTi’s discoveries about each other. There was a different air to the couple since yesterday and perhaps it was a sense of genuine happiness despite the simple life and the hard work that they had to do to help out at the village. Perhaps in the simplicity of the lifestyle of the people, they were able to focus on what’s important, which was their relationship, above the problems with finances, the business and their families. And it was a beautiful thing to see.

I loved that the dialogue was sweet, bordering on cliche and cheesy but yet James and Nadine pulled it off with the weight of emotions they used behind the words. When Basti said that the amount of time whether short or long, did not matter so long as they spent it together, I was genuinely touched. And everytime they hugged or kissed, it was just magic. Insert floating heart emoticons. I also loved that while on most episodes, it was the hubby that was asking for a kiss, or being more flirty, tonight Iris willingly gave him kisses and hugs without reservation. It seemed easier for her to express sweetness to her husband. Awwww.. and don’t get me started on Basti projecting their future via Photoshopped portrait of himself and his wife as an elderly couple. It was so JaDine. 

Back to the wedding, it was cute how they planned the wedding right from under the elder couple’s noses and the camaraderie within the community was a major plus for the episode. Kudos to Lolo Hayme and Lola Ading for being such an adorable couple. Such a kilig feeling to hear them say their vows old school style yet still so relatable. how they manage to be so cute despite their old age is beyond me. They just are.

I felt really bad for Nestor for his work troubles but I could definitely see where Basti got his determination from. Nestor and Basti may not have had a close relationship pre- Iris but the similarity in their personalities, most especially in dealing with problems was obvious throughout the episode. Nestor would most definitely not pack his bags and leave his buyers and employees on the lurch, just as much as Basti will do everything to provide for his family at the risk of his own comfort and pride. I can see why they are father and son.

I feel that the happy vibes will carry on until tomorrow when Basti and Cass finally get to talk calmly and with clearer heads. Hopefully, they will view each other for their positive traits and without bias because no matter which way you look at it, they’re already family. Unfortunately, while everyone else may have things falling into place, Nestor’s issues are caving in. Still, fingers crossed that things will work out somehow. 


2 thoughts on “#TIMYSurprise: The gift of time, lasting love

  1. I just watched today episode and I’m start crying for Basti and Iris gestures to the old couple .Maybe it’s close to my heart like them we only married at the judge and both of us had no family present .Still in my bucket list that someday Weill be able to get married at church.sorry got carried away with my story then the lovebirds conversation while looking at star I felt the senseserety and honest feeling toward one another it’s a happy tears then reading your blog I’m crying again thank I think I’m under Jadine spell.

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