#TIMYReadyForFuture: An island wedding and Basti’s adorable TF

Wow! These past few days stranded on an island really did wonders for the relationship of Iris and Basti, and the provincial life seems to be treating them well. I’ve never seen them smile so much since they started dating the second time around but even that was short lived because of typhoon Cass. I’m hoping that these smiles last longer because I have been waiting a long while. Isti deserves a break.

The LOWDOWN: Basti and Iris learn a lot about each other while stranded in the island and the best thing that they learned was that they could always rely on each other. They learn that together, they can survive any challenge for as long as they share the same goal. As they get rescued, they learn even more from Lolo Hayme and Lola Ading about marriage and they begin to love the simple routine of provincial life away from the issues that plague their parents.

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After Cass’ excessive interference that pushed Basti and Iris to an impromptu escape, I was glad for tonight’s episode, which seemed to be the culmination of at least three episode’s worth of build up for the relationship of IsTi.

I loved Basti’s romantic gesture of setting up a makeshift church wedding for his wife and I loved how simple and heartfelt the vows were. Of course, the love scene was a bonus but it was too short, in my opinion, perhaps because Team TIMY was trying to play safe from potential complaints before the MTRCB again. The thing is, having that scene was totally justifiable because James and Nadine are in fact playing the role of young newlyweds on a deserted island. What do these bashers expect? Anyway, the scene was short but sweet and there were plenty more sweet scenes that followed. Let me also express my relief that the rescue team did not come in the middle of their intimate scene. It would have been awkward and a total mood killer.

When Basti and Iris returned to the village, there was genuine lightness to their steps, and their sweetness came so naturally. It was a complete 360 from when they left. I was glad to see that these changes were not superficial and that they truly understood when they said they learned to trust each other fully while in the island, most especially Iris, who was so used to taking charge that she may have sometimes failed to see Basti’s efforts, also because Cass kept undermining him.

When she acknowledged his part in their survival and told him he has long been the superhero of her life, it gave Basti confidence and pride as head of the family and for someone who has been pushing himself to the limit just to do right by his wife, this was major. More so when she openly praised him in front of the villagers and gave him a kiss in front of everyone for good measure. While it’s great for a guy to be proud of his woman, it also applies the other way around.

showerI loved that Basti was a natural flirt and that he finally had had his wish granted to bathe with his wife together. Who knew it would happen in a makeshift bathroom right? Iris also seemed more relaxed with her husband, and not constantly worrying about the business and whatnot.

It made by IsTi heart glad to see the ease in which they adapted to the simple life and Basti’s adorable way of getting rewarded for his day’s work. If Top had a one slap, one kiss rule, Basti had a one kilo one kiss counterpart, so thank you to the neighbors who bought two kilos of fish each. Not only did you help support the young couple but you also sustained our need for OJD.

I’m happy that tonight’s episode focused solely on Basti and Iris because while it is good that the show tackles diverse issues, there is truly a need to sometimes devote attention to a specific arc especially when said arc is being peppered with challenges left and right. With the various and consistent flow of problems that Iris and Basti has had to face, they deserve time to strengthen the foundations of their relationship to give them a realistic chance to weather through future  issues.

Another good thing was Cass seeming to realize her part in IsTi’s marital woes so there is hope that Cass and Basti may patch things up for real.

batangasirisWhile Nestor’s financial problems threaten to be the next big arc, I would like to relish the good vibes from this episode as I go to sleep. Thank you Direk Jojo Saguin for tonight. Let the good vibes flow for more days please. And don’t think that longing look that Iris sent the couple with a kid was lost on us. Did that mean she was considering starting Team A Lot?


4 thoughts on “#TIMYReadyForFuture: An island wedding and Basti’s adorable TF

  1. It’s just refreshing to read an article/ blog like this… How i wish everyone has time to read your blogs regarding TIMY. Somehow it helps the viewer understand the impact of each episode in our day to day life which are relatable. Intimate scenes are just bonus to the viewers and most especially to us JADINE’s fans.
    Keep it up and looking forward for more…


    1. I start reading your blog your right each episode iOS a lesson learn even myself been married for 26 and I still learn a lot .hope some people really sit down watch this show or at least read all the blog.thank you I will be reading your input everyday


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