#TIMYLostWithYou: Shifting views, reconnecting and understanding

Patience is a virtue JaDines, and this is apparently the biggest lesson for the night after that SPG warning ended up as a dud. Don’t worry Direk Jojo, we still love you because you gave us something to look forward to in that Abangan.

img_20161202_215156The LOWDOWN: After Stephen’s great love leaves him to migrate to NZ with his family, Stephen has finally had enough of keeping his true identity a secret and decides to finally tell his dad he is gay. Ali on the other hand, seems to feel a shift in his feelings for his buddy. Meanwhile, Basti and Iris are still stranded in the island but they finally manage to talk through their issues and learn to understand a bit more about each other. Nestor for his part discovers he’s been duped by his company’s CFO and his business partner and his dream company is now in big trouble.

There are a lot of things I loved about this episode. Let’s start off with Stephen and Ali’s shifting dynamics. I liked that Stephen was hurting but it seemed to be pushing him into a positive direction, as he finally began to see himself for his true worth. He finally began to understand that he should not be anyone’s secret, not even his own. And with his statements, Ali seemed to view him a bit differently. Whether he was developing feelings for Stephen or if he was making his own realizations about Basti, I’m still not sure but I am liking the trajectory of this relationship. I know that whether they end up together or if they find love elsewhere, they deserve happy endings – these two characters.

As for Basti and Iris, it was a positive step when they opened up to each other about growing up, which had a heavy impact on how they were now. I salute Basti for understanding why it was important to Iris that he get along with her mother but I hope that Cass would make her own realization as well and own up to her end of the disagreement when Basti talks to her. After all, they both claim to love Iris and her wish was simple, for both of them to get along. Basti was already willing to compromise but Cass should do so as well.

I loved the many times that James cameoed althoughout this epsiode. Viewers can tell he enjoyed the light scenes with Nadine too much and it was obvious in his flirty smile and his mischievous grin. The OJDs were few and far between each other, seemingly alternating with scenes showing Nestor haggardly hunting down his associates. It seemed indicative that the marital issue will rest for a bit because an even bigger financial setback will hit Nestor and V, whose relationship was already suffering through issues.

While tonight was a hopia episode, there was something to be said about Basti and Iris actually talking without Iris running away. I loved how Basti’s persistence finally paid off and Iris’ steel finally melted with Basti’s determination. plus, they may finally find the spark that jump-starts their passion for their work again. All in all, I loved the sweet moments even when it bordered on cheesy. I am happy with this weekender but even more happy with the Abangan. Sue me. I have been waiting for an SPG worthy episode for a while now. And it’s not just about making love for these two characters. They really need to reconnect and find joy in each other in spite of every misfortune that has happened.  Basti really deserves it and bring stranded in an island with the Love of his life was a good start. Team a Lot on Monday. yay!





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