#TIMYStranded: Starting over; Welcome to the jungle

I have been pretty frustrated by the last three episodes, but tonight’s episode promised some potential to bounce back. Not only was there a lot of cute moments, but there was a slight chance that Cass was actually dense enough not to feel what she was doing wrong. Or perhaps she was blinded by her self righteousness. No matter, I see a glimmer of hope.

bermudaThe LOWDOWN: As Basti and Iris bond with the elderly couple who provided them food and shelter, they picked up a few things about marriage. Basti, not wasting the tips he got from Lola Ading, immediately set to work on creating an opportunity to find alone time with his wife so that they can focus on working on their relationship. Sadly (or luckily) his plans go awry when they get stranded in a deserted island for real.

While it was still unclear what was really causing Iris to be mad at Basti, there was some potential in the script when it reiterated Basti’s statement from yesterday that they did not know each other very well. When he said it again today, it became clear that he was coming from Cass’ accusation that they sped through everything and that everything happened too fast. This was a testament to Basti’s open mindedness that despite his disagreement with Cass, he didn’t shut his mind from her argument because to some degree, it made a bit of sense. When Basti insisted on spending alone time with his wife to get to know each other, I felt it was a good call — cheesy,. but a good call nonetheless because they needed time away from outside influences to grow as a couple and to learn to stand on their own two feet. Their time on the island seemed like a representation of how they should go about their married life — helping each other survive and working together as a unit because they are each other’s family.

After spending yesterday wooing his wife, I loved that Basti played hard to get once they were on the island. It was funny and adorable and Iris was a natural charmer too. I loved that despite her pride, she still followed Basti around. Nadine has always been too cute for words and I was glad to see her character smile tonight. I missed the kikay Iris who was nowhere to be found since the falling arc incident in Catherine’s wedding.  It was nice to see her relax a bit and I was happy for Basti too. He deserved a break because he has been working too hard.

The island scene may only be a fan service but it worked because JaDine only needed to look at each other to send the kilig vibes through. This was precisely what happened with the rest of the episode. When Basti rested his head on Iris’ shoulder being all pebebe, it was just pure love. While I  loved the OJD and all, I hope the writers will make sure that Iris and Basti get to talk about their actual problem on top of being sweet because if there will be no progress in in their relationship, then all of this sweetness will be for naught.


On the other hand, I loved that Agnes was using humor to awaken Cass to her overbearing ways when it came to Basti and Iris. When Cass asked Ateng, pakialamera ba ako? and nakakasakal ba ako, I was already tweeting Hindeee Cass, dripping with sarcasm. Hindi ka nakakasakal Cass, gusto ka naming sakalin. 

Hopefully, Cass will realize from Agnes’ reaction that she was, far from what she claimed, becoming the major problem in the married life of Basti and Iris simply because of her overbearing know it all ways. If she acknowledges her fault, then there might be hope of peace between herself and Basti, if only for Iris’ sake.

However, it turns out that Nestor’s company may also be in trouble so not only are the newlyweds dealing with their own financial issues, as Nestor’s firm may also be going through a crisis. That, in addition to Val’s insane yet not unfounded jealousy towards Cass. Its bound to be an exciting weekender.




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