#TIMYLoveSnatch: Don’t be a jerk. Bring the old Iris back, please.

I don’t know but these past few days, I feel something is off about TIMY. While momentum of the show has remained high up until the wedding mishap, it seemed that the shift to the in law conflict seemed forced and as a result, a domino effect on everything. Characters are acting strange. Consistency is compromised. I hope its just me.

istilolomelchorThe LOWDOWN: After Basti and Cass’ misunderstanding, Iris takes the side of her mother and has a fight with her husband. After packing some of her stuff and setting off to leave for her mom’s place to cool off, Basti decides to take matters into his own hands, packs up and diverts Iris to an impromptu out of town trip so that they could work out their issues.

After the depressing turn of events these past few days, I was happy last night to see that IsTi will finally get some alone time to focus on their relationship without outside interference. But I was unprepared to see how Iris was really going at Basti at the beginning of the episode when she didn’t even let him fully explain his side of the story.

By now, Iris should have known what her husband was like and shouldn’t have judged him based on what Mama Cass said. Let’s be honest, she hasn’t even tried to hide her bias against her in law. I get that Iris has been a good daughter for the longest time and old habits are hard to break but she should have been more reasonable. Its a good thing though that Basti wasnt the type to give up too easily and he had the presence of mind to find a way to detach himself and his wife from the issue so that they could work out the kinks in their relationship on their own.

While Iris has always been an obedient daughter, her behavior tonight was uncanny because she has always been reasonable. When she saw that Basti was having a difficult time under Cass’ roof, she agreed with her husband and stood by him when he requested they move out. When the baby issue cropped up, she wasn’t ready to have one but still, she did not close her mind to the possibility, doing research to see if they can manage, just so that she can do her duty as his wife. But this time, she expected Basti to apologize to her mom regardless of whether he did or did not do anything wrong which was unfair because Cass was the one abusing Basti. It was unfair and a tad childish. Writers, please bring our Iris back. Don’t make her a Cass 2.0. You’ve spent three glorious months developing her character so you should not be the ones to demolish her just to transition to another arc. Plus, you really don’t need to gun towards a separation because not all relationship need to go through it. Clark and Leah already did and there are plenty of arcs that can still be explored together. Just a suggestion. Don’t go there.

There were a lot of funny moments in this episode — the lightness seemed to be a fan service after the steady flow of problems that beset the Love Team these past few weeks. The positive side to this is that Basti and Iris are getting advice from a older married couple who have no biases towards their relationship unlike Cass. I am hopeful they will learn something at the end of the trip about how to sustain their relationship. And really Cass? She’s been telling Agnes the sanitized version of events, making her appear as a martyr mom when she has been nothing to Basti but critical and abusive — also prone to brainwashing iris against her husband. And what was she thinking about when she learned that the couple left? Does this mean more trouble ahead from the in laws? Is she thinking of going off at Nestor again?  I just hope that in spite of Cass, the couple will make it through this problem stronger and better.

Please Cass, if you really wanted to help, you wouldn’t be doing this drama queen act in the middle of a trying period for Basti and Iris. You are the worst. For this moment, I truly hate you. You are a monster and I loathe you for doing this to your daughter and son in law. Please redeem yourself, I beg you.


4 thoughts on “#TIMYLoveSnatch: Don’t be a jerk. Bring the old Iris back, please.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I am confused as to how iris’ character could suddenly regress and is becoming a leah 2.0. Cass is another simon who holds leah/iris by the neck at the expense of her oppressed husband who keeps chasing her anyway. Been there done that. It also isn’t good for cass’ character that it is one-dimensional.

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  2. The other day I wanted to make sambunot to Cass because of her unfair treatment of Basti & blaming him for everything else that has happened. It seems she hasn’t really let go of all the past issues up until now. I hope she doesn’t realize too late how her meddling in the couple’s situation might eventually break them apart. Today, I wanted to make untog Iris. As in really. You have a husband who’s breaking his back to support you and who has obviously put you up in an altar because he loves you so. And you say pahirapan mo say para magtanda? Then I got really bad deja vu… Leah, is that you? Iris, wake up and learn to see your mother for what she really is. We understand you love her so much but that love should not blind you to her faults. As my husband would say, then you should just have stayed home stuck with your mother and not married Basti when you cannot even defend him against your mother’s rants! Cass needs psyche consult!

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