#TIMYIGotYou: Monsters in law

After the ho um episode yesterday, our bloods begin pumping today but not because of happy news on the part of Iris, Basti or Ali but rather because Cass has somehow managed to ignite our rage anew because of her immaturity and irrationality. And because Iris is blindes by her love for her mother, she does not see how she is neglecting the feelings of her husband. 


The LOWDOWN: Iris and Basti’s financial woes continue with the Love Team still suffering from a slump. As Iris tries harder to get clients, she becomes increasingly more frustrated about her failure. Basti tries to be positive for the two of them, working twice as hard to make ends meet but Cass’ bias gives her an excuse to put him down at every turn.

I feel for Iris. Being a worrywart, she, more than anyone in the team felt the pressure of not having clients. Her stress level was off the roof because being a planner, all her plans have basically gone down the toilet. Since she was the only one who kept being rejected, she felt responsible for the screw up. While nobody was actually blaming her, she believed she was at fault.

On the other hand, Basti, a natural optimist, was trying his best to provide for his family and be positive for his wife but his in law undermined him at every turn. And as much as I would like to understand Iris’ tendency to be an obedient daughter and her fear of fighting with her mom again, I wish she would stand up for her husband because the way Cass has been treating Basti is not right. Cass has been abusing him when all he has been trying to do is provide for his family.

If Cass wanted to help them like she claimed she was, she should have asked Basti to sleep over as well instead of deliberately driving him away, especially since it was in the middle of the night. Instead, she seemed to be competing with her son in law on who can help Iris more. She seemed to be baiting Iris with familiarity so that she would stay and forget about her husband.

And Iris, by distracting herself from her depression, found solace in her family unknowing that she was already neglecting Basti, who should be her priority and her partner in this trying time. I understand that mothers know best but not when said mother is acting petulant and vindictive. And in their confrontation, it came out that she blamed Basti for everything and her resentment was clouding her every action towards him. Kudos to Basti for being patient and still trying to explain his side as calmly as possible. 

I hope that the writers will work on this problem and not make a Leah out of Iris. Because I distinctly remember this was the same trajectory as OTWOL where all the fault, insensitivity and single minded focus on her family was written into Leah’s character to the point that she alienated Clark to the point of separation. And as early as now, Twitter is exploding about the whys of Iris siding with her mother.

I hope that Iris and Basti talk out their issues and learn from it instead of letting things simply slide. I hope that the writers do not make a martyr out of Basti at the expense of Iris. They should be a team going into this journey together like they have been up to this point. I would like Iris to have a backbone and tell her mother that she sees how she has been treating Basti and that she will not stand for it.

There are other arcs to explore and this Nestor/Cass issue needs to be dealt with high time. And the solution to this is Nestor and Cass threshing out their issues once and for all because as long as it lingers, Cass will never move on. 

I am also hoping that Nestor will stand up for his son because seriously everyone is coddling Cass and it’s not helping without someone telling her flat out that she’s being a drama queen and a brat. Basti has been the only one who has the balls to reason with Cass and his attempts have always been negated by Iris’ folding against her mother every time.

Meanwhile Val’s attempts are growing more pathetic its sad. I wish she would find the strength to see that Nestor is not the end all and be all and her last chance at happiness. She deserves more than someone who cant see her true value.

Looking forward to alone time between the husband and wife because at least they get to talk unimpeded without outside influences (Cass). Their journey has so far steadily improved their relationship with each obstacle but I don’t see how they can get past this without Cass making adjustments as well. And Iris too. I hope Basti can make her understand that. 


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