#TIMYNeverGiveUp: Teamwork, sacrifice and still dreaming big

Tonight’s episode was pretty uneventful but it managed to do one thing. It firmly cemented my conviction that Basti, Iris and Ali deserve redemption. These three are the best bosses any employee could ever hope for, sacrificing even their own money to make sure that their staff do not lack for anything. And they do it because they care. Awwww….Can I work for you guys?

waleytalagaThe LOWDOWN: After the Love Team loses all of its clients, Basti decides to take on a waitering job on top of freelance photography work to keep the business afloat, and provide for his family. Ali does the same thing and continues taking on catering jobs to help the Love Team survive. Iris is trying her best to get clients to no avail — even their childhood friend has turned down their pitch for her own wedding. But the three friends, being good employers continue to prioritize the salaries of their staff above their own financial security. Meanwhile, Cass, upon the advice of Agnes accepts Nestor’s referrals and gives him a thank you gift to express gratitude, something that does not sit well with Val.

Tonight’s episode was pretty much a filler to transition to yet another problem in the marriage of Iris and Basti. With the speed of the pace of everything that’s been going on to test the union of this young couple, it felt like it was years since they settled the baby issue. Now, with the slump in the business, it seems that the writers are gearing towards a financial issue in the upcoming episodes, since Iris has already withdrawn from their savings to fund the payroll for the month.

bastiotapiriskellyKudos to Basti for his optimism and his generosity. He was willing to take on a blue collar job just to put food on the table, working even on weekends to make sure that he is able to take care of his family and that of his assistant Otap’s. While other husbands would simply wait out the slump without doing anything, Basti manned up and took responsibility to fulfill his promise to his wife.

Ali was the same. While he could have kept the income from his catering stints to himself, which would have been justifiable, he used the money to sustain the Love Team as it struggles to get back on its feet. I could feel Iris’ frustration and helplessness. Being an independent go getter, it must have been difficult for her to be sidelined at this crucial time but she is left with no choice but to deal with it.

And what about Cass and Nestor? No matter how hard I try not to ship these two, the look that Zoren gives Carmina is just too flirty not to cause an issue for their characters on screen. Val may be throwing a fit but I for one, don’t blame her. Being affianced to an insensitive boor like Nestor is really a bane to her existence, but a bane she must bear because she loved the guy. Ahhh, love. You sadist you.

Aside from the problems with the business, Cass’ drama queen ways are also set to make things more complicated this week as the Abangan already teased that she will meddle in the affairs of Iris and Basti, perhaps in pushing  that they move back in with her. Sometimes, I really wonder about Cass. I always doubt her motives because at the end of the day, it always boiled down to what she wanted, what she didn’t want and what she thought was right, which 90 percent of the time, was actually wrong– all because she was lugging around decades old bitterness for an offense committed just as long ago. We’ll see tomorrow what happens but things ain’t looking too bright.

Plus points in tonight’s epi are Iris and Ali’s effortless banter, Iris and Basti’s double intertwined hands while discussing their day on the front steps of their apartment (totally gave the old married couple feels as well as newlywed sweetness) and Ali and Stephen’s subtly shifting relationship (tell me it wasn’t just my imagination, please!)



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