#TIMYChallengeAccepted: Viral videos, ruined reputations and weathering storms

If only it was possible to reach into the screen to call the Love Team to hire them, I would have done it in a heartbeat. While tonight’s HT hinted at hopefulness and resolve, what happened throughout was a gradual dismantling of Iris, Basti and Ali’s dreams, all because of a video that went viral.

The LOWDOWN: In the aftermath of Catherine’s wedding fiasco, a video of the mishap was uploaded by one of the guests on social media, causing it to spread like wildfire, resulting in great damage to the reputation of The Love Team. As the video goes viral, the team’s clients  back out one by one, until literally no one is left. As they try to do everything possible to counter the online hate, Catherine makes a comeback to threaten them that she will not rest until they never get work again.

With their dreams in jeopardy, Iris, Basti and Ali cling to each other for strength. 

Thursday’s episode was a chockful of suspense but the weekender seemed like a neverending wave of ordeals. At every turn, something seemed to go wrong and I for one, felt their pain, especially Iris’. I loved that when the first wave of clients backed out, Ali immediately reached out to his best friend and Basti immediately embraced his wife, enveloping her in a love sandwich. It was a fitting throwback to their Greece days and reminder of the strength of their friendship that even through the worst, they were there for each other and will never be completely alone. It was a silent verbal communication that no one was leaving the sinking ship and that everyone was on board.


In her moment of weakness, Iris seeks comfort from her husband. 

I loved that as the partnership of Basti and Iris was being tested, there was never a doubt that they were in it together. I like that independent Iris was learning to share her burdens with her husband, confiding in him about her fears, seeking comfort from him whereas before they got married, she would have just soldiered on carried all of the weight by herself. It was not a sign of weakness that she leaned on Basti during their ordeal because she didn’t pass the entire problem on to him.  It just showed that she trusted her husband to help her through it and Basti stepped up to the challenge. Their clasped hands when they dealt with Catherine’s wrath was a symbol of their unity as a couple as they faced test after test in their relationship.

Catherine’s wrath may be justified because of her continued humiliation but she needs to re-evaluate the quality of her friends because it was actually one of the guests who caused the accident and uploaded the video after all. 

The episode was a great reflection on the power of social media, how one post could make or break something without knowing the whole story. Because social media is an open media, bashers and trolls had a field day with Catherine’s video, unmindful of the humiliation and stress it caused her and the damage it caused the Love Team’s reputation. Bashers shared their unsolicited opinions and some were in it just to have something to say.

In real life, celebrities like James and Nadine are experts at dealing with bashers, having to deal with them everyday and the show has somehow shined the spotlight on the their side when they presented the bashing’s effect on the Love Team. It was also a wake up call for social media users to be more responsible about what they post or comment online because, as Spider-man once said, with great power comes great responsibility. In this perception based society where everything is shared and each post seems like a volley for likes, everyone has the power to create  or destroy.

All in all, I liked that the team is still standing and nobody is thinking of abandoning the ship. The trailer for next week seemed to hint that the worst is yet to come with the business’ continued slump but even more of an issue will be another friction between Basti and Mama Cass. Jeez, I feel so sad already but I can’t wait for Monday to come to see how they deal with it.


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