#TIMYTrouble: When the best laid plans go down the drain

Wow! This episode was suspense from the first moment till the last. I felt at times like I was watching a thriller rather than a TIMY episode because I was so stressed for Iris and the Love Team after disaster struck their major event.

The LOWDOWN: The Love Team gears for their biggest event to date and the day starts off fine. When the florist fails to deliver the European flowers the team specifically ordered for the event, Iris scrambles to come up with Plan B, cutting it close to the ceremony but still managing to deliver on the floral arrangements. But lightning does strike twice and a mishap ruins the wedding and the mood of Miss Catherine and team has to deal with the backlash.

iris2I truly felt for Iris in this episode and salute her for having the presence of mind find an alternative solution to such a major problem in such short notice. I was appalled by the lack of professionalism of the supplier who didn’t inform the Love Team about the accident had Iris not gotten in touch with them. They should have informed their client that they would not be able to deliver the flowers because they knew that time was of the essence. Had they done so, Iris and Kelly would have had more time to contact their other suppliers. I felt bad for Basti, who wanted to help his wife deal with the problem but was helpless to do so because he too, had his own responsibilities to deliver.

ubosWhen Iris withdrew from her and Basti’s account, I wanted to cry because I knew how much effort went into saving for their future. But if anything, she did prove that she deserved to be the leader of the Love Team because despite the tenseness of the situation, she buckled down to work and she saved the day. Not to pass on the blame but Kelly was right when she felt responsible for the mishap. She should have followed up with the suppliers earlier and did a better job at contacting them instead of waiting for Iris to fix the problem. They were a team and should be helping each other out, not just coursing all emergencies to Iris. On the flipside, perhaps this may be a wake up call for her to take the job more seriously. Instead of just telling Iris to relax, perhaps she would better understand now that its important to be on top of everything, especially in their line of work.

catherineWhile most of the team were dissing Miss Catherine for going beast mode, I don’t blame her for bursting out the way she did. She was a paying client after all who was expecting the best for her memorable day but instead, she was humiliated at her own wedding. Its really hard to see past that given that you only get married once. Great job, guest star Francine Prieto for delivering on the bridezilla.

groomI appreciate her husband Edward for keeping a level head and for appreciating the team’s services as a whole. At least he paid them for their other services or else, the team would have suffered a major loss instead of just breaking even. Speaking of appreciation, Stephen was super cool to lend a hand even without Ali asking him to. It was really sweet and makes me want to ship them even more. Mama Cass and Basti also managed to calm Iris down somewhat but being the person that she is, she would most definitely beat herself up for the mistake for a good long while before she moves on.

While tonight was a roller coaster ride that signals the beginning of a fresh arc, the Abangan already teased the challenges that the business will face. It will be interesting to see how the team deals with social media backlash from the videos that surface about the mishap. It would be interesting to see how quickly the thing (social media) that propelled their clients to avail of their services would also be the tool that threatens to break them. And again, Team TIMY does it again, sparking conversation about the use of social media in this day and age. For sure, a lot of people will relate. Whatever the outcome, I hope that the Love Team would be able to weather the storm in their business. They work so hard they don’t deserve to fail.


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