#TIMYForTheFuture: Plans, OTWOL feels and late airing – AGAIN

remoteRemind me next time to not open the BTS before starting on the blog because I lost a good half hour just rewinding the three minute blooper reel for this night’s episode. James and Nadine were just too cute for words and I have a feeling that one day my epitapth will read: Died of OJD (knock on wood) and I would have no regrets about it.

The LOWDOWN: Basti tries to get back in his mother in law’s good graces and makes some headway when Cass acknowledges his apology. IsTi makes plans for their future dream home while Stephen seems to be ignoring Ali’s messages, most likely irked at him for bailing on their out of town trip at the last minute.

First of all, Dreamscape and ABS-CBN seriously need to fix their airing schedule for primetime because this has been the third night in a row that TIMY started 15 minutes later than its 9:30 timeslot. While some people don’t see how 15 minutes is a big deal, it is actually a big deal because technically, TIMY stretches to an hour given the commercial loads. I don’t mind the ads so much and am actually thankful for these brands’ support for the show but if the network continues on this trajectory , then viewers who have work and school the next morning get less time to rest up. And this also affects the ratings of the show because some fans may opt for a different platform because of all the delays and the waiting. Work on this please and give us our quarter hour back. Seriously.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me just say that tonight’s episode gave me the OTWOL feels again, and while it can be considered a good thing by some, I think that its not, especially since it has been twice this week that TIMY has made a Cleah reference. (Ikaw muna ang baby ko, and now this fight over the remote). I think that its great once in a while to make reference to the previous show because people love OTWOL but  I think that its unfair to remind people of Cleah because it opens up comparisons to Iris and Basti. I may have said in one of my earlier reviews but there is no point in pitting the two pairs together because they are played both by JaDine. Besides, James and  Nadine are doing an excellent job in separating their two characters so referencing OTWOL is actually a disservice to the progression of TIMY.

Iris and Basti are not Clark and Leah and both have their own story to tell. In constantly OTWOL parallels, TIMY is suffering because it seems unoriginal — which is the furthest thing from the truth.

This is not to say that I found the scene weak because I totally liked its execution but this is mainly because of James and Nadine’s effortless delivery.

cassandranestorvOn the other hand, I know I shouldn’t be shipping Cass and Nestor but you’ve got to admit that the chemistry is just too strong not to root for them even in secret. Nestor’s attempt to butter up Cass (for his own reasons) was pathetic but charming and the way Cass is being overly defensive seems juvenile but very cute. While Val was channeling her evil stepmom persona, I actually felt bad for her because I understood what was feeding her insecurity and Nestor was just too oblivious to it.

Meanwhile, I am liking this separation between Stephen and Ali and the uncertainty that Ali felt when it was obvious that Stephen was ignoring his messages and calls. It meant that despite blowing him off, Ali cared about him to want to make it up to him and this was totally kilig worthy.   Ali deserved to realize that what he did for Basti was totally a bro move but blowing off his friends at the last minute was not cool especially since they made all the adjustments to modify their travel plans based on his capabilities.

All in all, I have a bad feeling about this super major event but here’s to hoping that the Love Team didn’t bite off more than they can chew with their high maintenance client.



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