#TIMYTheGamePlan: Saying sorry in style; Mira’s Kingdom

Yasss! Finally, Mama Cass and Iris are okay, and Basti and Iris are okay. Thanks to Ali, who truly deserves a monument for being the bestest friend a person can ever have. A sigh of relief at last.

samapageThe LOWDOWN: Basti and Iris finally work out their differences, and its mostly because Ali once again came to the rescue ,sacrificing his own plans with his new friends to make sure that his besties will be okay. It was a sacrifice that bore fruit because Basti finally realized how hard he was making things for Iris. As the husband and wife make up, they set out on a new game plan, setting their sights into saving for their own home before they start their family. But while it all looks good on paper, it would be a major undertaking that requires their full commitment.

baliBefore I get started, let me just laud Ali for his loyalty to Basti and Iris. Even without them asking him to, he cancelled his own out of town plans just to to be there for Basti, to make sure that he gets to understand Iris’ perspective. Listening to Ali talk, I admire the scriptwriters’ consistency even more because even from the beginning, nobody got Iris like her best friend. Ali could see right through Iris and was the only one she allowed to see through her weaknesses so he was the perfect person to speak for her. (She was the same, zoning in on what was bugging  really Ali before he even said a word). And because he was also good friends with Basti, it allowed him to speak freely about his perspective on their problems. I may not completely agree that Ali always has to come between IsTi when they have relationship issues, and I don’t know if I would have done the exact same thing as Ali like drop all his plans in one second, but I believe that team TIMY is developing IsTi’s relationship as a married couple gradually and so its good that they have someone like Ali on their corner.

I liked also that Cass was making a realization about her attitude towards her daughter and son in law. For weeks, I was beast mode against Cass because she was being an unreasonable and clingy momzilla but tonight, I remembered all the reasons that she was a good mother. Only Carmina can pull off a 360 like this one. Only she has the charisma and acting chops to do so.

sorryMy favorite moment tonight was Basti’s apology to Iris. The effort that went with finding the right way to apologize was sweet enough but the sincerity of his words when he acknowledged that he was being selfish in thinking only about his wants?  Viewers could feel Basti’s sincerity. And the way that Iris received it — the subtle nuances and changes in her expression as she tried to apologize to Basti for not being ready, clearly reflected her sadness at her inability to cater to her husband’s happiness. The fact that Basti was now sensitive enough to acknowledge her position on the matter was a far cry from his reception of her practical stance last week and their make up hug was a mix of relief and happiness not just of IsTi but Jadines everywhere.

I liked Mira’s party and I loved that IsTi was already okay when it happened. Basti the flirt, of course took every opportunity to make googoo eyes at his wife, which continued as they window shopped for their dream home.

loveteamThe good thing about this episode was that it laid to rest IsTi’s baby issues for the meantime but taught a valuable lesson too about setting priorities and respecting a woman’s readiness to become a mother. Ali said it right when he said that women should be prepared psychologically, physically and emotionally for motherhood. And a lot of people seem to forget that a woman’s opinion in the household is just as important as the man’s. So once again, thank you Team TIMY for that reminder. My only complaint? Too short of a make up scene between the lovebirds. After the stressful weekend after the baby LQ, I believe we deserved more.

PS. Since Friday, TIMY has been airing later than usual. Please fix this, ABS-CBN. We’ve already embraced getting moved to the third slot but making us wait for longer, plus the protracted number of commercial loads (This I would not like to complain about because its a sign of the show’s success) is kind of torture.


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