#TIMYRealization: Spell frustration

IMG_20161118_223530.jpgI felt bad for everyone for this episode. I felt bad for Basti because he didn’t get his wish. i felt bad for Iris for doubting herself. And I felt bad for everybody for having to watch IsTi talk to everyone but each other about this nagging issue.

The LOWDOWN: Iris’ period is delayed. She suffers from nausea and begins to crave food that she normally doesn’t like. Sure signs that she is pregnant but it turns out she is not. Basti gets wind of the signs but ends up disappointed. Basti is unfazed. He still wants a baby but he now begins to consider the practical side. Iris wants to give in but feels they are still not ready. Good thing Mama Cass finally comes to her senses to be with her daughter in her moment of need.

I had a feeling that the pregnancy test will turn out negative but seeing how Basti built up his excitement and his hope that he will soon be a dad was heartbreaking. The way his face fell when he found out that Iris took two tests that both resulted in a negative was heartbreaking. His desperation in asking Iris to take another test was so sad. The way he longingly looked at children throughout the episode was even more so. He’s a transparent guy and his disappointment clearly showed with every nuance.

I felt bad for Iris especially when she was finally able to make peace with her mom and share her innermost fears with her main confidante. I felt bad that she felt like she was being a bad wife because she couldn’t give Basti what he wanted most and it really shouldn’t be that way. Im glad that her mom was around to tell her that her opinion and decision A just as important as her husband’s because marriage is a partnership. Let’s face it.When it comes to making sacrifices for her kids, Cass is the hands down authority among all the characters. You can fault her for being immature and bitter but no one can seriously fault her for her love for her children. The scene between Iris and Cass when they hugged and said sorry to each other made me cry buckets because it was so heartfelt. Great delivery for Mina and Nadine. I felt all the emotions of a child seeking her mom’s comfort and a mom’s desire to ease the hurt from her child.

Another good thing about this episode was Iris and Basti trying to open themselves up to the position of one another. Thinking about his dad’s advice, Basti finally tried to do research only to find out that what Iris was saying was right about the responsibilities that came with raising a child. The exorbitant prices of schools in the Philippines must have shocked him because subsidy might have been available in Greece but definitely not here.

Iris on the other hand also juggled with the possibility of giving in to Basti’s request but it just wasn’t possible because they weren’t ready yet. Still, I wanted to hit Basti for opening up to the whole barangay Tayuman about his marital woes. While he treated everyone like family, he still should have kept some things to himself because Iris not wanting a baby for the moment puts her in a bad light among the neighbors because Basti so obviously wanted one stat.

But mostly, what’s frustrating was the fact that the episode ended with Basti and Iris talking to everyone but each other. while they pussyfooted around the issue and assumed how the other felt, they could have saved themselves from disappointment if they had only opened up to each other and realized how much they cared about making each other happy.

While this issue is poised to find a resolution next week based on the Abangan, there are more challenges that await the newlyweds. Sometimes, I think that TIMY is drawing inspiration from home TV shopping channels. Problems? but wait, there’s more. But it’s reality. Married life is no fairy tale and TIMY is telling it as it is.


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