#TIMYRealityCheck: The good, the bad, the truth

If there’s one thing to be said about TIMY, its a thinking show and tonight’s extensive discussion on having a baby and starting a family was a wake up call for everyone who has ever doubted this show’s depth.

The LOWDOWN: Basti and Iris finally buckle down to have that “baby” talk in which Iris airs her concern about their readiness to add to their family this early in the marriage. Basti, in turn explains why he wants to start a family now. Both raised valid points but emotions are high so the husband and wife leave things as they are for the meantime. Mira on the other hand, finally decides her theme for the party, while Basti and Iris learns about her backstory which also connects to their own story.

usapI was dreading the moment that Iris and Basti will finally have the argument about the baby because for several days now, TIMY has been setting up for the major conflict. In doing so, it effectively set up the motivations behind the husband and wife’s position about the matter and in so doing, audiences pretty much have an understanding of both their points even before the discussion began.

I appreciate that they did not yell at each other and discussed the issue calmly despite Basti’s obvious effort to hold his temper in check. James effectively delivered on the role of a husband who wanted to prove that he can provide for his family and the affront he felt when he thought that his wife was “doubting” his ability to head the family. When he said “sa palagay mo hindi ko kaya?” he effectively communicated a challenge and all his feelings on the matter.

I liked that Iris, sensing that her husband’s sentiment, tried to appeal to his logic as well as his emotions by giving him the assurance in her confidence in her ability to take care of their family. Yet, she did not immediately change her position and continued to explain to him that her apprehension came from not wanting him to suffer and from wanting to make sure that they are stable before the baby arrived. While the issue has not been completely laid to rest, it makes me hopeful because at last they have opened up the topic and they now know where the other one stands. I also think it was a great way to showcase the contrast in their personalities. Iris is the more practical while Basti is the more passionate and guided by his feelings and instincts.

boytalkgirltalkgoodjobThe advice that they got from their friends and confidantes were also good because they presented both sides of coin, both good and bad. Basically, the takeaway is that while having a baby is a blessing, one should be prepared to embrace the sacrifices that come with it as well as the responsibility involved.

On the other hand, I don’t get why Nestor felt compelled top apologize to Cass for trying to help her anonymously. It only fueled Cassandra’s immaturity further but at least now with Agnes and Lolo Soc telling her flat out how passing up her commission on Nestor’s account would be impractical and foolhardy, maybe, just maybe Cass would get the #realitycheck that she needs to get over herself and do the right thing. I totally get why Val is on beast mode and I blame Nestor completely for feeding her insecurity.

All in all, I loved that this episode extensively laid out the discussion on starting a family which is a challenge not only for young couples but any new relationship in general. While  the fairy tale is always the ideal, real life doesn’t work that way and understanding all the the angles will make for better decision making after all.


3 thoughts on “#TIMYRealityCheck: The good, the bad, the truth

  1. Always looking forward how you dissect every episode. Every episode presents reality of life. Very relatable. The car love scene is just a prelude to a depper topic of married life….i just love how this story unfolds.
    Thank you and looking forward for more blogs of yours..

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