#TIMYContradiction: Its a pride thing

Like every stellar night, everybody has to deal with the morning after, and its not a sex thing. I am referring of course, to the aftermath of the Modern Family event and technically The Love Team’s first successful major event. While the event was a hit, the profits were not. And this is not the only problem that we had to deal with because Cass is on beast mode again. Seriously. I am amazed how the character has managed to evade a heart attack by the amount and frequency of issues that set her off.

newclientloveteamThe LOWDOWN: As Basti and Ali bask in the afterglow of their first major event, practical Iris is not too pleased with the turnout of the profit. She does have a point because while the event was successful, overspending on the expenses cuts at their income, making them fail on the financial end of the business. Basti and Ali agree to be more conscious of their spending in the future. Meanwhile, as The Love Team meet with a particular new client, Cass finds out about Nestor’s hand at securing insurances for his employees and she goes beast mode once again, threatening to return her commission because it came from Nestor’s account.

First, let me get the Cass issues out of the way because truly, she is one of the most annoying non-contrabida characters I have ever come across. Even though I did not completely agree with Val’s methods or her insecurity about Cass, what she told Cass about the kids moving out made a lot of sense.

valnawalangmalayI however, did not agree about her deliberate move to provoke Cass, which of course, resulted in a very embarrassing confrontation scene in Nestor’s own firm. I mean, I get that Cass has a lot of pride but it may come as a news flash for her that the world does not revolve around her. She and Nestor are no longer in college or in a relationship. He’s the freaking president of an architectural firm for Pete’s sake, and technically her client and she stormed into his office to yell at him. That was so wrong on so many counts, I could not fathom.


DRAMA QUEEN? Is Cass going overboard in abusing everyone’s tendency to understand her?

If I were Nestor, I would have had security pick her up and drag her out. Foul, Cass, foul. And what about her confronting  Agnes about it? The woman has been nothing but loyal to her and all of a sudden, she is accused of withholding information.? Wow, Cass, I am at a loss of words.


But wait, there’s more! How about threatening to return her commission because it came from Nestor’s firm? How childish and immature can this person be? No wonder she couldn’t get anyone to sign with her. Insurance agents are supposed to project an air of reliability but Cass is the complete opposite. She deserves to be fired. Multiple times. What an embarrassment.

When Lolo Soc shades you, you know that you have been well and truly shaded. Thank you Lolo. 

Thank you Lolo Soc, for putting her in her place. Everybody’s been letting her off easy and as a result, she is basking in a feeling of entitlement to everyone’s understanding. Kudos to Carmina for portraying Cass so effectively but seriously, my blood pressure is shooting through the roof because of Cass’ antics.


Whew, now that that’s off my chest, Iris and Basti finally found the time to talk about their positions on starting a family. But because they have confided in their friends and found reinforcement that what they believed to be the right call was indeed the right one, they entered the conversation fully expecting the other one to agree. When it didn’t happen, they had a fight. Basti was the more peeved because he set his expectation so high.


AT LEAST THEY’RE TALKING. Communicating, even in a heated argument is always a better option than withholding intimacy and making up excuses. At least now Basti knows where she’s coming from and now she knows what he wants. They can start from there. 



What’s good about this baby issue despite the fact that Iris and Basti ended the episode not in good terms is that their new client will seem pivotal and teaching them how to raise a child. By observing what its like to have a kid, they will be able to understand what its like to have one of their own, the responsibility and the challenges involved. It will become real to them and not just a beautiful idea.

This is what I love about TIMY. It manages to set up the next page in the story even as the last one concludes. And this also helps the fluid transitioning of the characters from one arc to another. IsTi for marriage, Ali in navigating life as an LGBT and Kelly’s singlehood struggles which on the surface seem hilarious but actually resonates with many millenials.

All in all, I have high hopes that our loves will be able to overcome their latest struggle by the weekend, but I also have a sneaky feeling that Iris will be preggers soon, whether they agree about it or not. For now, I consider the fact that they were able to tell each other how they felt on the subject, already a victory. Their communication needs a lot of work but its a start. And that’s all I could ask for.


2 thoughts on “#TIMYContradiction: Its a pride thing

  1. Wow, what a great review and an enjoyable read! Thank you! You have eloquently expressed my thoughts abd feelings about the episode and TIMY, plus so much more! Thank you!

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