#TIMYTrust: Disaster averted of disaster waiting to happen?

While I’m ecstatic that The Love Team pulled off their first major event, I was distracted by the fact that the parents in this show (except Mama Agnes) all need to go to parenting and relationship workshops. Seriously. Sir Dad is in denial, Mama Cass is a self absorbed drama queen with a persecution complex and Nestor is simply oblivious. You’re supposed to be the adults guys. Grow up.

yayThe LOWDOWN: As The Love Team gears for their first major event which happens to be the launching of Nestor and Val’s construction project, Iris, being a perfectionist, is a bundle or nerves. As Basti constantly assures her that she has nothing to worry about, trust becomes an issue between the husband and wife. Even before Iris goes on full on beat mode though, the issue is nipped in the bud as Basti delivers on his promise in a last minute surprise. Stephen also teaches Ali an important lesson about respect and the LGBT even as Sir Dad convinces himself that his son is being “reformed.”

Tonight’s episode was a nail biter. I must admit that like Iris, I was panicking the whole time because of Basti’s relaxed attitude. Perhaps, it was because Basti’s laid back air reminded me of their fight in Greece —  because looking back, Iris almost reached that level of frustration as the Greece wedding which led her to blow up on Basti in the first place. It was a good thing now that despite her frustration, she held her tongue from saying something negative about her husband which could hurt their relationship.

While I appreciated Basti’s creativity and relaxed way of doing things, I felt like he should have updated the rest of the team about his whereabouts as well as his plans and not simply said that he’s on top of it.  This lack of communication, while disaster was averted today, is a reminder that Basti and Iris need to talk more about things, both professional and personal in order to strengthen the trust that is the foundation of a strong and lasting marriage.

I loved that Iris gave credit to her husband in front of the client (which in this case was his father). It showed her pride at his accomplishment and her appreciation for her husband’s effort.

valIn contrast, I could just beat Nestor on the head with one of the wood panels at the venue because of his insensitivity. In all of his excitement about working with his son and starting his dream project, he forgot to thank Valerie in his speech when it was she who stood by him to make it a reality. It was basically a statement of how much he was taking her for granted because he was just used to having her by his side. You could just cut the tension with a knife when Val sarcastically congratulated Nestor on the great speech and proceeded to tear him a new one when she spelled out the cause of her displeasure. This leads me to ask where the mature version of Nestor was, the same one who assured Val that he was over Cassandra, the same one who gave great advice to Basti in fighting for Iris. Where was that guy because seriously, all of his obvious good mood associated to Cass is not a good thing.

Speaking of Cass, I’m really growing tired of all her issues. I get the separation anxiety from Iris and Basti but boycotting her daughter’s first successful major event because she didn’t want her working with Nestor and Val was simply ludicrous, mainly because it wasn’t an issue of loyalty in the first place, but practicality. I’m not surprised that Cass has remained at the bottom of the rung for all this time. She can justify it by saying that she has been content by having the love of her family but her lot in life really is a result of all her bitterness affecting her choices. If Nestor had said that he was the one who ordered the insurance for his company, Cass would not have accepted, even if it meant that she would not have been able to pay her bills, even if it meant that she would cry and whine to Iris about her misfortunes, making her feel guilty for “not doing enough”,  and for what? a decades long grudge? No Cass, you need to grow up soon and listen to Lolo Soc and Mama Agnes. If Cass continues to tread this path, people may hate her character and there would be no coming back from that.

As for Ali, who is also suffering through his own daddy issues, tonight opened his eyes to yet another lesson and it was a shining moment for Stephen when he delivered his message in a subtle and clear manner.

For weeks, Ali has been going on about having the courage to come out to his parents, despite the opposition of his dad, and how its the right thing to do. He has also raised the issue of respect for one’s choices when he lectured the prostitutes about understanding and accepting one’s choices. I appreciated Stephen’s dialogue this evening when he patiently explained to Ali why he has been exposing him to different types of LGBT –It turns out that it was also a lesson in acceptance and understanding.

stephenWhen he told Ali that gays should not be boxed into stereotypes and that everyone has their own way of dealing, I felt his hurt at being judged for not being brave enough to come out to his folks. When he appealed to Ali to respect his choices and not judge him for it, I felt his message, and I felt too , the moment it got across to Ali, who, as a person who felt persecuted himself, inadvertently judged his friend for not being like him. Its a great indicator of the type of person Stephen was that he did not simply abandon Ali in his journey just because he felt offended. It made me respect the character even more that he would go out of his way to help Ali despite his lapse and this is why I am 100 percent shipping a Stephen-Ali loveteam.

All in all, I rejoice with the team for their first major event but the bigger issues like the baby is still there. Iris’ dismissal of the issue may not be the best option for her and Basti and this could be where tomorrow’s episode picks up. Scary.


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