#TIMYBabyBlues: Foreshadowing, foreshadowing

To tell you frankly, I was fully prepared for a big blowup about the baby leading up to this episode. I was surprised (but relieved) that the big confrontation didn’t happen tonight. But I guess that in order to move forward with the story, the remaining issues from the weeks past need to be resolved first. (I’m looking at you Cass)

conflictThe LOWDOWN: As Basti and Iris adjust to their new living situation, they are also faced with a major decision. While Basti is excited to get started on Project Baby, Iris feels like its still not the right time to add to their family. However, before they resolve their issue between themselves, they seek the advice of their friends and their parents (well, at least Iris tries to) to give them insight. Meanwhile, Stephen introduces yet another face of the LGBT to Ali.

Tonight’s episode was an entire mass of foreshadowing if there ever was one. As the series gears to shift its focus on Basti and Iris starting a family, arguments were raised in favor and against starting a family early. While Basti wanted to start early so that he may have a close relationship with his kids as they grow together, Iris is afraid that they are not stable enough to start a family at this stage when they are just taking baby steps in building a life together.

basti11iris1The discussion of the opposing views for or against, was brilliant. It was done casually in conversation so it didn’t seem preachy. And both sides were presented fairly because both of Iris and Basti’s feelings on the matter were grounded on a genuine concern for the welfare of future mini Bastis and Irises. It also emphasized the importance of having parents to guide the newlyweds on their journey. While Basti got some advice from his dad, Cass, still holding on to her pride and anger, still refused to talk to Iris, even when she humbled herself and reached out to her mother.

While to some degree, I understand where Cass is coming from, there is a higher percentage that does not understand how blind she is to the efforts of her daughter to reach out and make peace with her. Because of her pride, Cass does not see how much her daughter needed her — the same daughter who turned her back on the love of her life at one point because she didn’t want to hurt her mother, the very same daughter who sacrificed everything for her family. Tsk tsk Cass, you are going overboard with this and honestly, its ridiculous. I’m glad that Lolo Soc rightly called you out for being childish and petulant.

Unfortunately, these issues with Cass are only aggravating the issues between Iris and Basti, who have yet to address their feelings on the baby issues. Because Iris is not comfortable not using protection, she refuses Basti’s sexual advances time and again, leading to his frustration. Adding to the fact that they don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to their projects at work, the air is thickening with a sense of conflict. Good thing though that Iris and Basti talk about work issues and are big enough to understand how each other do their jobs. Still, all this good will is bound to be tested when their personal issues begin to affect their working relationship so in essence, this episode is setting the sail of these new challenges.

And again, tonight shattered yet another stereotype against gay men so bravo Team TIMY on that.

nonestorAll in all, while I’m not a big fan of Nestor engaging Cass and reminiscing about old times, I feel that the episode did rightly in setting the next chapter in the newlywed diaries. Tonight was filled with a lot of food for thought, and OJD (Basti/James is a natural flirt) which is never a bad thing on my book. Can’t wait for Cass to get over herself because I have a feeling she’s going to be a grandma pretty soon.


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