#ShoesforaCause: Let the countdown begin!

whatsOur OTP is known for their epic BTS shots which makes us all wonder how we are still alive today and we figured we would give you guys a glimpse of how our #ShoesforaCause project is coming along.

With the efforts of Team Jadine is Love, the team at the forefront of this project, our lovely Jadine Mamas who have generously funded for the shoes and the school supplies for the kids, our small team, and of course, the overwhelming support that we got from donors from all over the world, we were able to complete the supplies needed by 157 kids of Botbot Elementary School in Hamtic, Antique.

As of Friday (we told you our Iloilo team is super sipag), the team has already completed packing 75 sets of supplies (pencil,paper,ball, pen,sharpener, 16 colors crayons, eraser and 2pairs of socks per student) for the kids and are on track to deliver the items by December 11.

Here are some of the behind the scenes takes to keep you in the loop.


But wait, there’s more!



Thanks to Team JadineIsLove admin KV for always keeping us in the loop and for all the effort to make this happen. Truly proud to to be part of this project. 😀

We’ll keep you updated with more posts as we get nearer to the date. And again, thank you for all of your support, prayers and well wishes for this project. You’re all a part of this just as we are.

About the Project/Donors List

And thanks to the fanboy who sent this to KV. You rule dude, you rule 😀



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