#TIMYHusbandGoals: IsTi hanggang dulo

Whew! After the week that was, this episode breezed through quite quickly, like a short break before another wave of challenges threaten the happily ever after or our OTP. It was nice to have this break because next week promises to be explosive.

Bast’s grin says he wants to get to work on Team A Lot ASAP.

The LOWDOWN: Iris and Basti are warmly welcomed by the Tayuman peeps. While their new place is small, the newlyweds savor their newfound privacy and their sense of accomplishment at taking the first step to independence. Meanwhile Kelly’s dating misadventures continue and Ali’s friendship with Stephen deepens despite their different views about coming out to their folks.

YASSS!!! Finally, Basti and Iris are standing on their own two feet. It helps that everyone from Tayuman love them and have great support for the young couple especially at a time when Iris is feeling guilty about leaving her mom. Of course, IsTi delivered on the sweetness and Basti just could not hide his excitement to start his new life with his wife. But while the happy couple is unquestionably in love with each other, they now need to learn to live together with just the two of them and it’s not as easy as it seems.

As early as now, Basti is enjoying his freedom too much that he is forgetting to clean up after himself and of course, there’s the issue of the baby. Basti definitely wants one ASAP while Iris wants to wait a bit more until they’re more stable before they add to the family. And this will be the major bone of contention between the young couple for the following weeks.

Cass on the other hand, is being stubborn, feeling the separation anxiety set in but refusing to see her daughter. I get where Cass is coming from. She has a unique bond with Iris because she is her anchor and the only constant in her life. However, it’s still unfair for Cass to ask Iris to stay by her side forever. I hope that Lolo Soc’s simple but straight to the point pep talk finally gets Cass to broaden her mind to the irrationality of her position.

Nestor is pretty much making things worse by constantly mentioning Cass. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he is over Cassandra but the way he is acting certainly raises some red flags.

Kelly and Ali are hilarious. I love Kelly’s dating boo boos. I would like to sympathize with her foibles but it’s pretty hard to keep a straight face when her date brings out a portfolio to recruit her into the networking biz.

And what happened to Ali? After two failed relationships, he has suddenly turned into an all around life adviser. Telling the prostitutes to love themselves, advising Stephen on coming out and now telling Kelly to not rush into things and wait.

While Ali’s priorities today are less inclined towards romance, I have a feeling that Stephen may be developing feelings for Ali borne of a respect from his maturity, kindness and honesty. Stephen being a stand-up guy, I hope he will be the guy that Ali has been waiting for, even if he’s not looking.

All in all, this episode was a great transitioning to next week. It’s very light but loaded with a lot of potential storylines to explore and yet the message still carries weight even without the tearful confrontations. While the hashtag hints that it will extol Basti’s qualities that make him a perfect husband, the episode showed that there is no such thing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. what matters is that a couple goes through life together as partners. fully committed to make things work. Our wish list for Cass, move on.  Our wish list for IsTi, mini Iris and Basti. But we’re not rushing so Basti shouldn’t too. Things will happen when it does.






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