#TIMYMovingOut: Stubborn, selfish love

My neves were frazzled by the end of tonight’s episode. I was torn between admiration for Carmina Villaroel for her on point delivery of her scenes tonight and wanting to strangle her character Cass for being mule headed and close minded. I was so tired from tweeting my every thought but by the end, and I think its a good thing.

istihouseThe LOWDOWN: Iris and Basti come home to find Mama Cass fuming with rage and blaming Basti for wanting to take her daughter away from her. Despite Basti’s repeated and extensive explanations, Mama Cass stood by her rage, especially after she learned that the newlyweds were planning to move to the condo offered by Val. But even as Basti explained that they were going to move to another place, Cass refused to budge. Meanwhile, the generals join Stephen and Ali in a night out at a girly bar.

Bravo to Team TIMY for tonight’s episode, for yet another opportunity to inspire discussions about family issues. Off the bat, I was truly appalled by Cassandra’s reasoning and the way she delivered her argument, going back to the ties of mother and child, and having to carry Iris in her belly for nine months and portraying Basti to be the villain without actually listening to what he was saying. To describe her stubbornness as annoying would be an understatement, especially since Carmina was nailing the delivery so well. What really got my goat about Cass for this entire night was the childishness in the way she was dealing with the situation.

Considering, she should have counted herself lucky for having  a son in law like Basti, who truly wanted to prove himself as the head of the family who is able to take care of his wife, and love his wife in the same level as Cass loved Iris. Kudos to Basti for his maturity, persistence and determination. He knew he was doing nothing wrong and he stood firm in his decision, manned up to face the wrath of the in law, and was brave enough to listen to her irrational tirades over and over again. Throughout the discussions, he shielded Iris from the worst of it, accepting the blame because he wanted to protect his wife from the hurtful words hurled by her own mother. And he remained patient and respectful to Cass, trying to understand where she is coming from because he respected her feelings as a mother. I would’ve wanted for Iris to take some of the responsibility for the decision to move but seeing as how distraught she was with her mom’s anger, I would excuse her this one time.

showdownOn the flipside, while I also understood why Cass was so attached to Iris, I felt like she was being immature about things because clearly, she understood Basti’s point, as evidenced by her discussion with herself while she was talking to Agnes. She understood but she didn’t want to budge. More so when Val’s name was brought up. The arguments all went to hell afterwards. While she claimed to love her daughter, she was not above using emotional blackmail against Iris, as she was used to her daughter blindly obeying her about everything. Despite seeing her daughter’s anguish, she was selfish enough to withhold her consent when they left so that Iris and Basti won’t be happy to leave her house.

At one point, Paolo and Zoe were showing more maturity than Cass because they understood that IsTi’s leaving did not mean that their kuya and ate did not love them. The kids seemed to get it but not Cass. Oh no, not Mama Cass.

taraySame thing with Val, who, like Cass wants to manipulate the couple in order to gain the the advantage. I was so sad to see that Val has evolved into a scheming jealous girlfriend from a successful career woman who wanted to do what was best for Basti and Nestor. Nowadays, she keeps herself busy by overthinking and  trying to brainwash Basti against Cass. In their silent battle, IsTi is suffering greatly.

alibarAli, on the other hand, is effectively making some headway with Stephen and is also representing the LGBT community proudly in the show. His speech about respecting people’s choices regardless of gender, regardless of work and regardless of stereotype was delivered with such deliberation and sincerity that leaves no doubt that the show is talking to the viewers — is addressing society. And its beautiful.

I loved that this episode was an excellently laid out discussion on being a mother, of becoming a husband and a wife, of making choices, of respect for all. It managed to discuss all of these issues in an entertaining and informative fashion while moving the story forward. The debates within the episode was on point. The discussions on twitter were real time reactions to the dialogue and it was even more colorful and interesting. This is why even though its aired late, people tune in. More than the kilig, we are engaged with ideas and opinions. We are compelled to speak and converse. This is why TIMY is a cut above the rest, and its not just platitudes for the show. It really is a one of a kind gem in Philippine television. I stand by that. iyak


3 thoughts on “#TIMYMovingOut: Stubborn, selfish love

  1. I seldom leave messages in blogs, but I have been following your blog for a while now and I am in awe of the way you lay it out there 🙂 I am unable to watch the show real time because of work, but I always rely on your blog to keep me updated. I enjoy the analysis and parallels you do between the show and what is happening in real life. I must admit I am not a Jadine fan, however the topics discussed by the show made me look forward to knowing what happens next 🙂 (maybe someday, I would be a Jadine fan as well, for now itt is enough for me that I love the story line)

    I got pregnant at an early age and had to get married because of that (yup..I know…wrong reason) and I can totally relate to the situations the main characters find themselves in. I love how the show portrays the pros and cons of every decision that the newly weds make. I love how they grab every opportunity to drive home lessons that we can learn from and give us another perspective on certain issues.

    In this episode, I totally loved how Basti manned up to their decision to move out….I love that he was firm in his decision but that when he saw how hurt and confused and torn Iris was because of her mothers reaction, he loved her enough to want to make things right before they leave (ugh!!!! I wished my ex husband had the same kind of conviction Basti had…hehehe) and this really cut deep to my heart.

    I am also in awe of Ali and how he delivered his lines when the girls were saying “sayang, sisterette pala sila” It really drove home the point that we should not be so quick to judge and to respect people for their preferences. I also love that the show always points out that YOU are not defined by your sexuality but by uour actions.

    Okay…I got carried away…but on a last note….keep up the good work! I may not ba a fan of Jadine yet, but I am definitely a fan of the series and a fan of your blog. Thank you for the nightly update..more power to you!!!

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    1. Thank you Jenelyn. It inspires me more to write my recaps because of your kind words. And you are right. TIMY is indeed a one of a kind show. Its underrated but its one of the best teleseryes to come out because its unafraid to deal with real life issues. I’m glad you could relate 😀


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