#TIMYSpoilerAlert: Blabbermouth Otap, Mama (Agnes) knows best, Welcome back Lolo Soc

Otap, Otap, Otap.  If I could reach through the TV monitor I would have strangled you. Only your first day on the job and already causing trouble. As if we weren’t dealing with enough as it stands. And Lolo Soc… we missed you.

kellyThe LOWDOWN: Basti and Iris check out the condo that Tita Val has been offering them but he begins to have second thoughts when he sees how luxurious the place it. He tells Iris that he wants them to start their new life together with their own efforts and Iris agrees. Mama Agnes on the other hand tags along Ali’s night out with his friends to know if Ali is in good hands with his new group. Meanwhile, Cass inadvertently finds out about IsTi’s plan to move out from Basti’s new assistant Otap.

loloI loved tonight’s episode because finally, an adult who was not embroiled in the Cass-Nestor-Val drama finally came to give Iris and Basti sensible advice on married life. I would count on Mama Agnes but she was too busy making sure that her own child was in good company so I was super psyched for the arrival of Lolo Soc just in the nick of time. What he said to Iris made a lot of sense and gave her peace and validation for their decision to move out. Lolo Soc was completely honest too, when he said that Cass will not immediately understand, but his emphasis that the deed must be done eventually sort of gave Iris that extra confidence that they were not doing anything wrong.

Basti made a good call in refusing the condo being offered by Tita V. In wanting to raise his family using his own strength and effort, he proved yet again that even though they rushed into marriage, he was ready to build a life with Iris.

The fact that Iris was on board despite the sacrifice of starting with a life of poverty showed that she too was as committed to the relationship as her husband. The fact that they both understood that they would not get the good life simply by being in love proved that they are also a realistic couple and not just blinded by love to whatever challenges stand in their way. I am awed by their outlook, and the way TIMY has built these characters. I loved OTWOL’s Clark and Leah but Basti and Iris are completely different in their approach to marriage and they hold their own appeal.

troubleIn more ways, IsTi is the better rounded couple because Basti speaks his mind, and Iris is more sensitive to her husband (although in fairness to Clark and Leah, they were both naive going into the relationship). What I like about Basti and Iris is the fact that they are truly partners — they are adjusting to married life, true, but they recognize each other as the other half of the whole. They are a team and they don’t leave each other hanging. And there is something to be learned here. Being ready for marriage does not depend on age but rather, the readiness of a couple to commit to a lifetime together.

The episode tonight also showed different styles of parenting. Mama Agnes went out of her way to meet and mingle with Ali’s new friends and tried to get to know them because she wanted to make sure that her son will not get hurt. She adjusted herself to fit in with them to truly understand them which is far different from Cass wanting everybody to simply adjust to her and follow her lead.

In her dialogue with Stephen, Mama Agnes effectively assured herself that her son was hanging with a good crowd, thanked Stephen for taking care of Ali and in the process dispelled the stereotypes about the LGBT. In crediting the members of the LGBT for the good that they do to society, viewers were given the opportunity to adjust their views and perceptions about them. This is what you call good parenting.

On the other hand, Nestor, in wanting to help Cass and IsTi, indirectly, has caused more trouble in his relationship with an insecure Val, especially since he wanted his son and Iris to stay with Cass.

But while before, his reason was for Basti and Iris to be guided by Cass in the early stages of their marriage, this time it seemed like there was a different reason for wanting them to stay put — which was to keep Cass happy and so that she won’t get angry. He also told Val that she cared about Cass in the same way he cared about the rest of his family, sending Val into another fit. Because Nestor, Nestor, Nestor. You can never put your fiancee in the same level as your in law, especially if said in law is an ex. And I totally get Val on this.

As for Cass, the confrontation with Basti and Iris was left as a cliffhanger, but as usual, her narrow mindedness will cause the newlyweds more emotional turmoil. Because she could not let go of her daughter, she is once again laying down the guilt on Iris. Good thing though, based on the Abangan that Basti will finally put his foot down and in essence explain to his mother in law why they needed to move. Considering all things, Cass lucked out on Basti as a son in law. First, he was very patient. He was very respectful. He even took the blame when he wasn’t at fault. And despite the fact that he often felt out of place, he treated Iris’ family as his own. So Cass should realize all this before they leave.

I hope things will get resolved before the couple leaves because as long as ill feelings linger, Iris and Basti could not start their new life with peace of mind. We’ll see what tomorrow holds.


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