#TIMYDoneDeal: IsTi smooths over first MQ; Nestor-Val LQ begins

Excuse while I try to get over Ali’s high pitched voice when he channeled Mama Cass, as well as the beauty queen moment between him and Kelly — one of the highlights of this episode. As for the rest, there were definitely victories and drawbacks.

prettypracticeThe LOWDOWN: After taking some time to clear his head, Basti returns to the Love Nest to find Iris waiting for him, worried about where he might have gone and what may have happened to him. Both realize that they need to make allowances for each other especially now that they are married, but in the end, Iris decides to agree to Basti’s wish to move out. She says she just needs to find the proper timing to tell Mama Cass. Meanwhile, an insecure Val confronts Nestor about making Cass their company’s insurance provider, and calls him out for wanting to get close to his ex. While Val may be exaggerating, she might be on to something as Nestor decides to check in on Cass for no specific reason.

After the Valderamas’ first MQ, I’m glad that in a few short hours apart, they were truly able to contemplate their issues — Basti was able to cool down and want to make peace with his wife and mom in law while Iris was able to process her husband’s plight and thus became more understanding of him. This was a far cry from their misunderstanding in Greece which led to a hurtful breakup in the space of a few minutes. Seeing IsTi grow as individuals and as a couple warms my heart.

The dialogue, as usual, was on point. Iris’ realization that when she married Basti she needed to adjust and compromise was an excellent lesson for newlywed couples (no matter what age) and proved that she was also sensitive to her husband’s dilemma. I loved that Basti volunteered to talk to Mama Cass since he was the man and the head of the family. In doing so, he assumed responsibility should Mama Cass not understand why they wanted to move out. He didn’t want to jeopardize the relationship between mother and daughter and assumed the risk of incurring his in-law’s ire. Basti is a rare gem indeed.

I loved the moral support from Kelly and Ali. While my favorite scenes involving these two are funny and light ones, like Iris’ practice session, I also liked that when push came to shove, they gave serious advice to their friends and called them on their bulls-t when there was a need for it. Basti and Iris are lucky to have such a duo in their lives.

confrontMeanwhile, I am a bit on the fence about Basti accepting Tita Val’s help because the moment she handed the keys to Basti, the music immediately turned ominous which may be an indication things wont go as smoothly as expected. There’s also the issue of what Nestor truly feels about Cass because it can be noted that he drove all the way to her house just to bait her and watch her reaction to her big client. Its weird that  when he ordered HR to contact Cass and work out a deal with her, there was no mention of him getting involved in any capacity. But as soon as Val mentioned his feelings for Cass, it seemed like her jealousy became the trigger for him to revisit his dormant emotions for his ex.  So in essence, Val may actually be pushing Nestor away with all the jealousy. Besides, there’s real chemistry between Nestor and Cass no matter how sungit Cass was being to Basti’s dad.


While tomorrow’s episode threatens to cause some conflict because of the way Cass finds out, the good news is Lolo Soc would be back, hopefully to smooth things over with the in laws. Welcome back Lolo Soc. You couldn’t have come at a better time.



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