#TIMYLoveClash: Dating Valderama style, Momzilla and OBE Wan Keno-bro


img_20161104_222247img_20161104_222239The LOWDOWN: Basti and Iris decide to go out on their first date as Mr. And Mrs. Valderama and have a grand time on their simple night out, not knowing that Cass made an effort to prepare a special family dinner. Ali and Kelly join Stephen and friends on an outreach mission for poor kids and Ali finds himself liking Stephen’s company more and more.

I love the simplicity of Iris and Basti when they’re together. The pretend date in a fine dining restaurant. The flirting. The light moments were so fun to watch yet when they were seriously talking about their future, there was a sincerity in the words, perhaps because most of the dialogue were rooted in real life conversations (remember Team A Lot?) The banter was natural and beautiful to behold. The magic of JaDine flowed so naturally in these scenes because they exude love. Plain and simple. I was grinning the whole time while taking it in. 

However, all the good vibes from the date came crashing down when they came home to Cass who exploded on them as soon as they set foot inside the house. The thing is, while Cass’ anger was somewhat justifiable because of the effort that went with her preparations to surprise the couple, going off against Iris and Basti for going out was too much — using harsh words against the couple was a foul, especially since they were all still adjusting to living together and thereby still getting used to rules like texting when one will come home late and the like. At the end of the day, it was simply miscommunication but once the words were said, there was no going back. And to think that she was supposed to be the mature “parent” guiding the couple. While she realized her mistake once she cooled down, the fact of matter is that there will come a time when apologies won’t be enough to make up for the damage she is causing the relationship.

At the same time, while Basti assured Iris that he’s completely okay, one glance at his face would attest that he was not. And this spells further conflict for the couple.

As for Ali and Stephen, there was real chemistry in these new bros. I like Stephen’s character because be genuinely wants to help guide Ali through his journey being in the same position once before. He is Ali’s Obe Wan Kenobi in his journey to becoming the person he is meant to be. I was impressed by his insight about finding love and the value of friendship. While there was an underlying spark between the two, I’m thinking they work better as friends because Stephen has his own issues with his old man. I would like for Ali to return the favor and be the one to guide him when the time comes that he’s ready to come out to his own father. 

I like that TIMY is presenting a realistic view to married life and to the struggles of the LGBT. Team TIMY is really stepping up their game in teleserye storytelling. And while some parties are still stuck on that lovemaking scene at the back of a car, Iris and Basti are educating the youth about the challenges of marrying early, and Ali is paving his own way to self discovery. At the very heart of it is a deep seated friendship that each person needs in his life. So Kudos Team TIMY! Don’t let the naysayers keep you from telling your story. Keep doing you.


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